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Heteractis aurora Maldives - beaded sea anemone
Beaded Sea Anemone

The tentacles of the Beaded Sea Anemone are likened to a ‘string of beads’… and thus its name! The pretty Beaded Sea Anemone Heteractis aurora is easy to identify because of its unique ‘beaded’ tentacles. The tentacles have white spots that enlarge into bead-like swellings. There can be individual bulges or they can coalesce into […]

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Small Rock Anemone
Aiptasia Pests

   Aiptasia are often called ‘weedy’ anemones! They grow like weeds, take over the reef tank, and are very hard to control!   Aiptasia anemones are considered pests in the marine aquarium hobby. They are usually accidentally imported as hitchhikers on live rock or on the base of corals. None of the Aiptasia species are recommended […]

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Sea Anemones – Tube Anemones

   A beautiful anemone playing host to a colorful Clownfish, is a popular icon of the reef aquarium!    Sea anemones have become very popular inhabitants for both the reef tank and the saltwater aquarium. Watching an anemone living in a cooperative relationship with a colorful Clownfish is a rewarding experience.    There are 10 […]

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