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a colony of giant sun polyp or Palythoa grandis coral growing on a rock
Giant Sun Polyp

   The Giant Sun Polyp Protopalythoa grandis, also known as the Sun Zoanthid, is a very attractive button polyp. They have a mottling of brown, white, and green colors. They can also be somewhat iridescent, and occasionally have wagon wheel type striations. Like all the members of the Protopalythoa genus, and they are one of […]

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two fishes swimming around giant carpet anemone
Giant Carpet Anemone

Despite its name, the Giant Carpet Anemone is actually smaller, and more delicate than other large carpets! The Giant Carpet Anemone Stichodactyla gigantea is every bit as gorgeous as the popular Saddle Carpet AnemoneS. haddoni. Its oral disc is deeply folded and colored in browns and greens, or in spectacular purples, pinks, deep blues, and […]

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Fish Eating Anemone close up
Fish Eating Anemone

The Fish Eating Anemone is the largest of the Urticina genus, but is actually the most delicate! The Fish Eating Anemone Urticina piscivora is a beautiful cold water animal found in the North Pacific. It is the largest of the Urticina anemones, reaching about 8 to 10†(20 – 25 cm) in diameter, but is […]

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Green Elephant Ear Mushroom coral
Elephant Ear Mushroom

With its large and sometimes folded oral disc, the Elephant Ear Mushroom resembles the shape of an elephant ear! The Elephant Ear Mushroom is one of the larger members of the Rhodactis genus. If you have a large aquarium, this mushroom coral is a great addition. With its leafy appearance and reaching up to 15″ […]

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Condylactis Anemone
Condylactis Anemone: Info, Facts, & Pictures

The Condy Anemone is the ‘big boy’ of the Condylactis genus! The Condylactis Anemone Condylactis gigantea, also known as the Giant Golden Anemone, is a familiar and commonly available anemone species. It has long tentacles tapering from a wide base that are white or cream, tipped in pink, purple, gold, white, green or peach. Growing […]

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button polyps coral in a reef aquarium
Button Polyps

   Button Polyps Zoanthus sp. are among the easiest corals to keep. They are almost always a first coral for new hobbyists, and highly recommended for beginners. They can be very colorful, with numerous color morphs ranging anywhere from a brown, to bright green, turquoise, yellow, orange, red. and more. Keeping them under a largely […]

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brown glass anemone
Brown Glass Anemone – Pale anemone

The Brown Glass Anemone may not be a hero in the reef tank, but it has a claim to fame in the world of research! The Brown Glass Anemone Exaiptasia pallida (previously Aiptasia pallida) is a very hardy animal that can reproduce quickly in a stable environment. It is a hermatypic anemone, meaning that it […]

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Bubble Tip Anemone

The Bubble-Tip Anemone is a favorite of aquarists and highly favored by clownfish, hosting 13 different species in the wild! The Bubble-Tip Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor is one of the most popular of the clown-hosting anemones. It’s very attractive and one of the easier anemones to maintain. It is best suited to a large aquarium, however, […]

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Heteractis aurora Maldives - beaded sea anemone
Beaded Sea Anemone

The tentacles of the Beaded Sea Anemone are likened to a ‘string of beads’… and thus its name! The pretty Beaded Sea Anemone Heteractis aurora is easy to identify because of its unique ‘beaded’ tentacles. The tentacles have white spots that enlarge into bead-like swellings. There can be individual bulges or they can coalesce into […]

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Small Rock Anemone
Aiptasia Pests

   Aiptasia are often called ‘weedy’ anemones! They grow like weeds, take over the reef tank, and are very hard to control!   Aiptasia anemones are considered pests in the marine aquarium hobby. They are usually accidentally imported as hitchhikers on live rock or on the base of corals. None of the Aiptasia species are recommended […]

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