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"Cats are absolute individuals, with their own ideas about everything, including the people they own."
John Dingman
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Blackpatch Triggerfish
Blackpatch Triggerfish
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Blackpatch Triggerfish, Rhinecanthus verrucosus
Miniatus Grouper
Miniatus Grouper
Coral Hind, Mianiatus Grouper
Golden-striped Grouper
Golden-striped Grouper
Golden-striped Grouper,  Goldline Grouper, Sixline Grouper, Sixline Soapfish, Grammistes sexlineatus
Clown Grouper
Clown Grouper
Spotted Soapfish, Leaflip Soapfish, Pogonoperca punctata
Blue-spotted Grouper
Blue-spotted Grouper
Blue-spotted Grouper, Cephalopholis argus
Red Dottyback
Red Dottyback
Red Dottyback, Spottysail Dottyback, Labracinus cyclophthalmus
Panther Grouper
Panther Grouper
Panther Grouper, Polka Dot Grouper, Humpback Grouper, Cromileptes altivelis
Leopard Wrasse
Leopard Wrasse
Leopard Wrasse, Macropharyngodon meleagris, Blackspotted Wrasse, Guinea Fowl Wrasse
Sharkwater: The Truth Will Surface

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Excerpts from 'Sharkwater: The Truth Will Surface' movie (dir. Rob Stewart)

The video features excerpts from the 'Sharkwater: The Truth Will Surface' movie (dir. Rob Stewart)