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Jersey Wooly Rabbit
Jersey Wooly RabbitJersey Wooly Rabbit, Dwarf Angora Rabbit
Guinea Pig Care
Guinea Pig CareGuinea Pig Care, Guinea Pig Breeds
Skinny Pig
Skinny PigSkinny Pig, Guinea Pig Care and Keeping Hairless Guinea Pigs
English Spot Rabbit
English Spot RabbitEnglish Spot Rabbit
Pet Mouse
Pet MousePet Mouse, Fancy Mice, Pet Mice, Mus musculus
Muntjac Deer Info
Muntjac Deer InfoMuntjac Deer Info, Leaf Muntjac Deer, Muntiacus puntoensis

9 Ways To Make Your Guinea Pig Happy! Guinea Pig Care

American Guinea Pig

Learning how to bond with your guinea pig is important.

Every guinea pig is different and some will have more playful and outgoing personalities while others will be more relaxed. Learning the subtle clues that show your Guine. . .

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Desert Cottontail Rabbit

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Filmed in the Mojave Desert near Inyokern, CA. This just goes to prove that wild rabbits are just as cute as pet rabbits!

I was walking around the desert near Inyokern, California one morning and was fortunate enough to film this rabbit. This is what we believe to be a desert cottontail on a clear sunny morning in March. He’s pretty relaxed and not really concerned with our presence. The wild rabbits seem to thrive in the Mojave Desert where this video was filmed, they are everywhere! Although I’m not aware of anyone keeping them as pets, they still have that amazing rabbit cuteness and besides, seeing them outside in their natural habitat is just as satisfying.