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button polyps coral in a reef aquarium

   Zoanthids are a choice beginner’s coral. They are extremely hardy, durable, and can be incredibly colorful as well!    Zoanthids are generally a very undemanding coral. Zoas are some of the hardiest and most durable inhabitants for the reef aquarium. They are easy to keep and make a wonderful beginner’s coral. Take good care […]

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Velvet Finger Montipora

   A long time favorite, the Velvet Finger Montipora is easy to keep and a great coral for beginners!    The Velvet Finger Montipora Montipora digitata looks smooth and fuzzy on its surfaces. The polyps of Montipora corals are tiny and uniform, and on many species including the M. digitata they are fuzzy. ‘Velvet’ is […]

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Trumpet Polyp

   Whether wading in sand or attached to rock, the Trumpet Polyps look like a small stand of trumpets!    The Trumpet Polyp Protopalythoa variabilis is a zoanthid that doesn’t form a mat. Yet these leathery brown button polyps can be connected at the base by runners, called stolons. Standing rather tall with fairly long […]

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The Fabulous Zoanthids

   Zoanthids are a choice beginner’s coral. They are extremely hardy, durable, and can be incredibly colorful as well!   Zoanthids live in oceans throughout the world. Though they are typically found on reefs or growing on rocks in areas with wave surge, they also inhabit the deep sea, reef flats, lagoons, and many other marine […]

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Strawberry Anemone

The Corynactis genus has some incredible color combinations, and the brilliant Strawberry Anemone is no exception! The intriguing mushroom corals in the Corynactis genus come in oranges, greens, pinks, and reds, which can be almost fluorescent and are extremely vibrant. These colors look especially awesome with animals that have clear tentacles and contrasting colored tips. […]

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Squamosa Clam: Tridacna squamosa

The Squamosa Clam is not overly flashy, but it has a very distinctive, simple beauty of its own! The Squamosa Clam Tridacna squamosa is a subtle beauty. It is most commonly found with a warm brown mantle patterned with many golden brown or yellow wavy lines. Yet one of its most most striking attributes can […]

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staghorn acropora_
Staghorn Acropora

   The Staghorn Acropora is not only fast growing, it’s easy to frag and one of the ‘beginner’ Acropora!    The Staghorn Acropora Acropora formosa is what is considered as a beginner’s Acropora. They are easy to propagate once they are established. Because no two aquariums are exactly alike, this intriguing coral will grow in […]

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Isaurus Snake Polyp
Snake Polyps

   The fascinating Snake Polyps may be ugly little buggers, but they “love the night life”!    The Snake Polyps of the Isaurus genus with their gnarled, warty, tubular appearance, do command attention. They can be a single polyp or polyps connected with stolons. Their polyps have long tube-like bodies and very short tentacles. These […]

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Red Gorgonian
Red Gorgonian

The tall and elegant Red Gorgonian is a coral that can grow from the bottom to the top of your tank! The Red Gorgonian Leptogorgia chilensis (syn: Lophogorgia chilensis) is a beauty. As its name suggests, it has red to orange branches that are flowered with white or yellow polyps. The branches usually point upward, […]

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Red Striped Mushroom

This Red Mushroom is all about location, location, location! Yep, this Pimples Mushroom comes in various shades depending on where it originates from! The Red Stripe Mushroom A. ferrugatus is also called the Red Mushroom, Pimples Mushroom, or Red-brown Mushroom. This is one of the most recognizable mushrooms with its red to rust-brown color. Their […]

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