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small german roller canary bird pecking for seeds
Canary Care – About Canaries

Well domesticated as pets, canaries are some of the most fascinating little birds! They are active, cheerful, beautiful, and have a delightfully lovely song! With such a busy world today, pet canaries can make an ideal companion for many people. Canary pet birds are colorful and have pleasing personalities. There is nothing like a peaceful, […]

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Yellow crested canary in bird cage
Crested Canary

   The Crested Canary, originally known as the “Turncrown”, is one of the oldest canary breeds still in existence!    Today’s Crested Canary has had quite a volatile history due to both a fluctuation in its popularity and to the development of other crested varieties. The Crested was perhaps the most popular canary in the […]

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Fife Fancy Canary
Fife Fancy Canary: Facts, Care Guide, Pictures, & More

Despite its small size, the Fife Fancy Canary is very lively and a great choice for the beginner. This delightful little bird is quite hardy and very easy to keep.They are not prone to disease, come in all the canary colors, and the male has a wonderful pleasant song. They are also ready breeders and […]

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yellow canaries on branch
American Singer Canary

   The only canary developed in the United States, the lovely American Singer Canary is considered to be the best canary pet!    The American Singer Canary is not only pleasant to the ear with its melodious song, but pleasant to they eye as well with its striking beauty. By crossing the Border Canary known […]

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Belgian fancy canary
Belgian Fancy Canary

   The Belgian Canary is not only one of the oldest canary breeds, but also one of the most distinctive and influencial!      The Belgian Fancy Canary was a most important breed in the historic development of some of the most popular canary varieties available today. Its primary influence was on the development of “frilled” […]

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Border Fancy Canary
Border Fancy Canary

   When we think of a”canary”, the Border Fancy Canary is the typical image of what we think a canary should look like… strengthening this impression are images such as the famous cartoon animation of “Tweety Bird”!    The Border Fancy Canary is the most popular bird in shows today. As a “type canary”, it […]

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Orange-Winged Amazon
Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot: Identification, Facts, Care Guide, & Pictures

The Orange-winged Amazon Amazona amazonica, also known as the Orange-winged Parrot and Loro Guaro, is a very popular pet Amazon. They are very affectionate, attractive, and entertaining parrots. These pet birds are lots of fun, performing all sorts of antics, and have a fair talking ability as well. While young, like the juvenile above, they […]

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