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three Sun Conure birds
Choosing A Pet Bird

   Birds can make wonderful pets. They come in many gorgeous colors and have great personalities. They are also quite hardy and many can live a very long time. Bring a pet bird into your home and you will have a loving, social companion that can talk up a storm, or fill your home with […]

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Blue and gold macaw on a tree
Bird Information

  Learning about the many diverse types of birds is an exciting adventure. Birds are social animals; they enjoy companionship and have great personalities, and come in all shapes and sizes. Here you’ll find a lot of interesting bird information whether you are considering keeping one as a pet, want to learn all about birds, or […]

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a Society Finch sitting on a branch of a tree
All About Finches

   Pet finches make lively, interesting, cheerful companions. In today’s busy world a finch bird is an ideal pet for many homes. Finches come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and personalities.    Most finches are easy to care for, active. entertaining, and hardy. They are quiet and many species can live in a […]

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white dove flying
Dove and Pigeon Care

Doves and pigeons are very peaceful and those kept as pets will even seek out affection from their human family! Domesticated doves and pigeons like human contact. They are quiet and peaceful, and make wonderful pets. Pet Pigeons and all types of doves have a subtle appeal due to their special characteristics. Most have a […]

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Nanday Conure
Nanday Conure

   This juvenile Nanday Conure or Black-hooded Parakeet is about 5 months old. He is a super sweet bird by anybody’s standards!    Typical behavior of the Nanday Conure or Black-hooded Parakeet is demonstrated by the cute little youngster ‘Nan’, pictured above.    “Nan” loves to come out of the cage. He comes to the […]

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yellow red and green conure bird

Conures are wonderful pet birds that are members of the parrot family. The word “conure” means cone tail. Small to medium sized conure parrots are found in the new world, throughout the central and southern regions of the Americas. Conure parrots are distinguished by their slender bodies and tapered tails, rather than having the stockier […]

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a colorful sun conure bird on a branch
Conure Care

Conures make delightful pets… because they are so affectionate and comical! The conure parrot is a remarkable bird. They are popular because of their beauty, as well as their intelligence. They are often full of playful antics and they enjoy sharing their play. They are quite peaceful but will readily engage in play with human […]

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White-faced Cockatiel
Cockatiel Care

  Cockatiels are about as close to the perfect pet as you can get!    With their happy personality and easygoing nature, these attractive little parrots will soon win you over, lavishing you with love and attention! Cockatiels are intelligent and inquisitive. These traits makes them easy to train. Couple that with a very gentle […]

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Yellow Waterslager Canary Bird in Cage
Waterslager Canary: Facts, Care Guide, Pictures, & More

The unique and beautiful quality of the Waterslager Canary’s song is reflected in its name, the word ‘waterslag’ literally means ‘water beat’! The popularity of the Waterslager Canary has been ongoing throughout its history and continues to grow as it has many desirable traits. Though it is not particularly social and does not like to […]

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Yorkshire Canary

   Not only is the handsome Yorkshire Canary one of the largest of the canary breeds, it is also one of the older breeds!    With its proud diplomatic stance, the Yorkshire Canary has invoked such names as “The Guardsman”, and the “Gentleman of the Fancy” during its long history. Though It is not quite […]

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