We’ve all seen the videos of goats screaming — videos that are equally hilarious and terrifying. Goats screaming can sound like anything — from an adult yelling to a tiny child having a tantrum. It’s pretty impressive.

The biggest question about these videos are why are all the goats screaming in the first place? What on earth has possessed them to cause such a ruckus? It turns out there are plenty of reasons goats scream bloody murder!

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The 7 Reasons Goats Scream

Goats scream for all kinds of reasons, including hunger, boredom, and pain. Here are some of the main ones that cause goats to start being loud and raucous.

1. They’re hungry.

Much like small children, goats will let you know when they’re hungry by screaming loud and clear for you to hurry up and feed them.

Image Credit by FitMum, Pixabay

2. They’re calling to another goat.

Goats are social creatures, so they don’t like being on their own. If a goat gets left on its own away from the herd, it will scream out. Why? Either to figure out where the others are by getting an answering call or because they are in distress since they cannot hear the other goats. Likewise, a momma and baby goat who are separated will become upset and yell out for each other.

3. They’re bored.

Animals get bored just like us, and goats are no exception. Goats are pretty smart creatures who need stimulation. Leave them on their own in a tiny pen, and you’re likely going to hear a lot of racket that indicates they want something to entertain them.

Image Credit: Phil1001, Pixabay

4. They’re expressing emotions

Whether it be fear, excitement, or something else, goats will scream out to express it. If a goat is startled or spooked by something, they’ll let out a yell not only on reflex but to let other goats know something is afoot. They may also get loud when they’re excited or want attention from you. So, if you have a goat who yells whenever they see you, chances are they’re saying, “Hey, I missed you! Welcome back!”

5. They’re having issues within the herd.

If you have a goat who has recently started screaming often and for seemingly no reason, it could be wise to spend a bit of time watching your herd. Goats have social hierarchies, and within those hierarchies, there may be an issue. In fact, the screaming goat could be a victim of bullying. While goat herds can often work out their own problems, you may need to step in if the issue doesn’t resolve itself in a timely manner.

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Image Credit: Piqsels

6. They’re in pain.

Another reason you may have a goat on your hands that is getting increasingly louder is that the goat is in pain. If you’ve found no other logical explanation for their behavior, it could be time to call your vet and see if something is wrong with their health.

7. They’re dealing with fluctuating hormones.

When a goat goes into heat or rut, you can expect them to make some serious noise. Typically, this kind of noise will arise because a female goat is trying to catch the attention of a male or because a male goat is reacting to a female in heat (or frustrated because he’s in an area away from her). Pregnant goats also tend to get louder as their hormones fluctuate.

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Image Credit: PublicDomainPicture, Pixabay

Do All Goats Scream?

They sure do! That said, some goat breeds will be louder or quieter than others. Nubian goats are known for being extremely loud and talkative, while Boer goats have a reputation as a quieter breed. So, if you’re looking at getting goats and have noise concerns, you’ll want to look into how vocal they generally are. However, it’s important to remember that goats are individuals — any goat from any breed may be louder or quieter than their reputations indicate.

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Final Thoughts

It’s entirely natural for goats to scream. They all do it to an extent and for a multitude of reasons. Whether they are bored or impatient, in pain or a battle of wills with the rest of the herd, goats will express themselves in a way you’ll be sure to hear. So, go back to watching those screaming goat videos and see if you can figure out just what they are trying to say!

Featured Image Credit: Piqsels