The white-faced black Spanish chicken, or Cara Blanca, is one of the oldest breeds around the Mediterranean. Even today, they are scarce in their native home of Spain. However, many proud breeders across the globe have kept up with this chicken.

The white-faced black Spanish chicken is readily available and compatible with many flock mixes. Let’s get to know this chicken better to see if they are a perfect match for your home.


Quick Facts About White-Faced Black Spanish Chicken

Breed Name:Cara Blanca
Place of Origin:Spain/Netherlands
Uses:Meat, eggs
Rooster Size:10 – 15 pounds
Hen Size:9 – 12 pounds
Color:Black and white
Lifespan:15 years
Climate Tolerance:Hardy
Care Level:Easy
Meat Production:Moderate
Eggs:180 annually


White-Faced Black Spanish Chicken Origins

The white-faced black Spanish chicken is a fowl of mysterious, ancient origins. This chicken is one of the oldest chicken breeds, touting specific physical traits only the breed possesses.

These chickens spawned out of Spain and the Netherlands long ago—all the way back to the days of the Roman conquest. Even though their deepest roots are Spanish, the breed was thoroughly developed in Great Britain in the 18th century.

These birds have picked up a few nicknames over time such as the Cara Blanca or Espanola Cara Blanca. White-faced black Spanish chickens have also been featured in classic artwork over the ages.

Cara Blanca Chicken Characteristics

The white-faced black Spanish chicken is an active, curious species. There is never a dull moment, as they never take a second to relax. These chickens are always exploring, foraging, and pecking around their territory.

White-faced black Spanish chickens, like all of them, cannot fly. However, that won’t stop them from gliding, jumping, and climbing.

They are not a broody breed at all—so don’t expect a doting mother. If you plan to hatch any eggs, you will need a brooder or willing non-biological hen. However, this makes collecting their eggs easy as pie.



Since the breed was so hardy and heavy, they made terrific multi-purpose birds. The white-faced black Spanish chicken is a moderate layer. On average, you can expect roughly 180 large white eggs annually.

Because these birds are larger and muscular, they are prized meat birds, too.

Appearance & Varieties

As the name suggests, white-faced black Spanish chickens match the criteria of their name. These chickens have uniquely shiny iridescent black feathers with white faces. They have bright red combs that seem oversized in comparison to other breeds.

There is no color variation between males and females. Each gender is the same color and overall structure. Males outweigh females, standing taller and broader with thicker waddles and sprawling tailfeathers.

Population, Distribution & Habitat

The white-faced black Spanish chicken is distributed throughout the world. However, it’s interesting to note that they are rare now in their native land of Spain.

You can likely find a white-faced black Spanish chick near you this spring.


Are Cara Blancas Good for Small-Scale Farming?

The white-faced black Spanish chicken would be a charming addition to any flock. If you have local access, this breed integrates well with almost any other. They tend to be a very active, non-broody breed that’s always on the move.

If you want to raise the ancient white-faced black Spanish chicken, look at a hatchery near you.

Featured Image Credit: Adwo, Shutterstock