The Water Milfoil is an ideal plant for the aquarium. Though they do require good light they’re not overly particular about the composition of the water and they can withstand great fluctuations in temperature.

Members of the genus Myriophyllum are popular aquarium plants and the aquatic species of Water Milfoil have found their way into hobbyists tanks for generations. It is one of the many aquarium plants sold under the name “Foxtail”.

The delicately cut green or red foliage of the Water Milfoil is surprisingly hardy. This plant prefers strong light but is usually willing to compromise on this. It is an excellent plant for filling in gaps in the aquascape as it will adapt to many conditions. Water Milfoil will probably tolerate colder temperatures than any aquarium fish.

Water Milfoil can easily reach the surface of most aquariums. When it does this, snip off the top 1/3-1/2 of the plant and replant. This plant is also a must for breeding tanks as an egg site or fry refuge. Aquarium gravel is a perfectly acceptable substrate for this plant as roots are primarily anchors. Be sure to plant the stems separately to allow them to root.

The only problem that is encountered with this beauty is its tendency to trap debris. This can be easily solved by occasional gentle shakes to free debris. Alternatively, place the Water Milfoil near the suction or current of a filter. As with most plants, occasional fertilization would be appreciated.

**This plant (Myriophyllum species) are on many invasive species lists, so extreme caution needs to be taken that no part of the plant is released into the environment.

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   Originating in Eurasia, Water Milfoil has been since introduced to the Americas.

Water conditions:

   Temperature: 40-78 ° F (4-25° C )
   pH: 6.5- 8.0
   dGH: 2-15°


   Light level: Bright


   Milfoil cuttings can be taken, and rare aquarium flowerings produce seeds.


   The Water Milfoil is readily available from aquarium shops and online. It is one of many plants sold under the name of “foxtail”.