Hunting truffles as a human can be time-consuming and disappointing most of the time. It is not easy for a human to detect truffles underground, even when we know where to look. Utilizing the abilities of animals to seek out truffles has been happening for centuries and for good reason. Pigs have an innate ability to find truffles, likely because they emit a musty scent that is attractive to them.

Dogs have also been known to be awesome truffle hunters if they are well trained. Therefore, both are still used for truffle hunting nowadays. Here is everything else that you should know about using pigs and dogs for hunting truffles, both for personal pleasure and commercial benefit.

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Pigs for Truffle Hunting

Pigs are used for truffle hunting both in commercial and private instances. They have been trained to do so for thousands of years, soon after they became domesticated. Some people grow truffles, surround the area where the truffles are growing with a fence, and train pigs to hunt for the truffles when the seasons allow it.

Pigs have a natural instinct to forage for food underground, and they are attracted to truffles because of the musty scent that they dispel. Female pigs are especially good at hunting truffles because the musty scent of the truffles reminds them of male pigs during mating time. Any pig can be trained to hunt for truffles, both in the wild and in maintained areas.

Sometimes referred to as truffle hogs, trained pigs can find truffles that are up to 3 feet deep underneath the ground. Pigs enjoy eating truffles, though, so unless they are properly trained, humans won’t benefit from their finds because the truffles are likely to be devoured quickly. Therefore, when it became well-known that dogs could hunt truffles, many switched to utilizing dogs.

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Image Credit: RoyBuri, Pixabay

Dogs for Truffle Hunting

Dogs become popular for truffle hunting because they do not eat truffles as pigs do. Instead, they rely on receiving treats and rewards in exchange for finding truffles and alerting their pack leaders of the finds. Like pigs, dogs have a keen sense of smell, especially for musty things like truffles. Many types of dogs (most hunter and pointer breeds) can be easily trained to seek out truffles.

One of the most popular types of truffle hunting dogs is the Lagotti Romagnoli. They may dig out the truffles themselves, or they might simply alert people when the truffle scent is picked up and the humans will do the digging. Either way, they make the job of finding truffles easy, and they will not eat the truffles and risk their owner losing income or enjoyment, depending on the situation.

Image Credit: SabbraCadabra, Pixabay

Why Pigs and Dogs Are Acceptable in the Truffle Hunting Industry

As long as the pigs and dogs are treated with decency and respect, it is acceptable to use them for truffle hunting in most communities around the world. Dogs and pigs require love, companionship, protection, and proper care and nutrition to thrive. Without these things in place, it cannot be said that truffle hunting with animals would be humane or acceptable in today’s world.

Therefore, you will find that most people who hunt truffles both commercially and personally take good care of the animals that help them do the hunting. An unhappy animal is sure to be a low-producing animal when it comes to hunting truffles. However, this does not mean that all truffle hunting organizations implement humane practices. It is important to do your research before buying a truffle-hunting pig or simply buying truffles from a hunter.


Final Thoughts: Truffle Hunding Animals

Both pigs and dogs make excellent truffle-hunting companions. Both can do so naturally, but training is typically needed to ensure that both animals and humans can work together cohesively. The type of animal that one decides to utilize when hunting truffles depends on personal preferences and overall goals. Which kind of animal do you think would make the best truffle hunter, and why? Are you interested in hunting truffles yourself? Have you ever hunted for truffles? If so, what have your experiences been?

Featured Image Credit: WikiImages, Pixabay