Iowa produced the most chickens in the U.S. in 2020, with 60 million head. Compared to other states, that is a significant number. In fact, the second state, Indiana, raised 44.5 million head in 2020, more than 15 million less than Iowa.

Iowa is often the record-holder for raising the most chickens.

new chicken divider What Are the Top 5 Chicken-Producing States?

The top five chicken-producing states as of 2020 are the following:
  • Iowa: 60 million
  • Indiana: 44.5 million
  • Ohio: 43 million
  • Pennsylvania: 36 million
  • Georgia: 31 million

These states are typically at the top of the list, as they are prime chicken-raising territory.

Where Are the Most Chickens Raised?

Generally, in the U.S., most chickens are raised in Iowa. Worldwide, in 2019, China topped the chart with 5.14 billion chickens. Therefore, it’s the country with the highest chicken population. It’s also the leading egg producer in the world.

In 2019, 661 billion eggs were produced in China alone. That amount is six times larger than the number of eggs produced by the U.S.A., which is the second larger producer in the world.

While the U.S.A. produces the second greatest number of eggs, Indonesia produces the second greatest number of chickens at 3.7 billion.

A flock of chickens inside a coop
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Who Is the Largest Poultry Producer in the U.S.A.?

Tyson has more employees than any other chicken company. It had 137,000 employees in 2021. However, JBS USA Holdings sold more products in the same year.

Therefore, it depends on what you mean by the largest poultry producer.

Who Is the Largest Chicken Producer?

The United States is the world’s largest poultry meat producer. China technically has the greatest number of chickens, though most of its chickens lay eggs. It is the largest egg producer in the world, though.

a flock of chickens
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new chicken divider Conclusion

Iowa is the largest chicken producer in the U.S., and the United States is the largest poultry meat producer in the world. China technically has the largest number of chickens, but most of its chickens produce eggs, which makes it the egg capital of the world.

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