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actual use of OASE 706759500401 Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer
8 Best Pond Skimmers in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Keeping a pond clean can be a chore, so any piece of equipment you can add to make it easier on yourself is oftentimes the best way to go. Pond skimmers capture debris in the pond before it has a chance to sink below the surface. The right one can make it so much easier […]

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5 Best Automatic Pond Fish Feeders – 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

Let’s face it: It’s even harder to remember feeding fish in a pond than in an aquarium on a daily basis. And what if you need to go on vacation? But good news: We’ve put together a list of the best pond fish auto feeders to simplify your life. Your fish won’t be going hungry […]

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plastic bags in the ocean
12 Shocking Plastic Bag Ocean Pollution Statistics & Facts (2024 Update)

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website. Pollution is a global crisis. Every country contributes to the problem, which has its roots at the governmental, corporate, and personal level. When we neglect to care for our oceans and dispose of trash properly, we endanger the […]

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koi fish in pond
10 Best Pond Dyes in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Pond dyes are a pretty cool thing if you have an outdoor pond, and this is true for several different reasons. You might want to use pond dye to turn your simple little pond into a beautiful and colorful backyard oasis. They can definitely help make your pond look much more visually appealing, but there […]

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pond plants
How To Make Tap Water Safe For Ponds? Chlorine Dangers & FAQs

If you have any kind of indoor or outdoor pond for your fish, you obviously want to provide them with the best home possible. One of the most important things to consider with ponds is the water. After all, fish cannot live outside of water, so this is crucial no doubt. However, simply having water […]

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Types of Aquarium Coral Reefs: An Overview (With Pictures)

Aquarium Coral Reefs Class Hydrozoa Fire Coral and Lace Coral – Hydrocorals include fire corals in the Milleporidae family and lace corals in the Stylasteridae family. They are Cnidarians just like the stony corals, but are in the class Hydrozoa. They have a potent sting.   Corallimorphs Mushroom Anemones – Corallimorphs or Mushroom Anemones. Although […]

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Sebae Clownfish swimming in reef tank
Types of Saltwater Fish for Marine Aquariums (With Pictures)

Marine aquariums and saltwater fish… capturing the imagination and inspiring enthusiasts for nearly two centuries! The world’s oceans are inhabited with over 14,000 species of saltwater fish. A fascinating realm of sea creatures that are natural wonders of color, form, and display. With such an astounding diversity, learning about marine fish and keeping saltwater aquariums […]

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freshwater nano tank
Nano Tank Stocking Guide for Reef, Saltwater and Freshwater Aquariums

Fish Selection Guide for Nano Tanks 10+ general rules for stocking the nano aquarium. For the best success, follow these suggestions when you are selecting fish for the nano aquarium, whether you plan on keeping a freshwater, saltwater, or a mini-reef tank. Considering the nano tank’s small size, the first and most important rule when […]

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fairy wrasse, wrasse, fish
Keeping Wrasses Together Successfully

Can wrasses get along? Here’s some ways to keep several Fairy Wrasses, several Flasher Wrasses, or a mixture of both! Perusing the Internet, I have noticed more and more aquarists questioning, not only the compatibility of fairy wrasses Cirrhilabrus species, but also the compatibility of flasher wrasses Paracheilinus species. Questions can vary from, “Can you […]

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Delightful Damselfish, Color and spunk in the aquarium!

A small flash of color and extreme durability is the Damselfish calling card! Whether you’re a beginner or a long time marine aquarist, there’s a Damselfish that can fit the bill. The majority of these are small fish, and some are even great to keep singly a 10 to 20 gallon aquarium. They are all […]

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