Many households maintain backyard farms, and many families live on fully functional farms throughout the world, so chickens can be quite a big deal.

There are many different breeds of chickens living in the world today (nobody knows for sure how many) that are more than just tasty meat for human and pet consumption. One such chicken breed is the Scots Dumpy chicken, which is beautiful and loving. Let’s learn more about this interesting chicken breed right here.

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Quick Facts About Scots Dumpy Chickens

Other Names:Bakie Corlaigh, Scotch Bakie Stumpy
Place of Origin:United Kingdom
Uses:Show, eggs, meat
Rooster Size:7 pounds
Hen Size:6 pounds
Color:Black, silver, white, gold
Lifespan:7–10 years
Climate Tolerance:Almost any type of weather
Care Level:Moderate
Temperament:Quiet, tame, sociable, curious

Scots Dumpy Chicken Origins

This is an old Scottish chicken breed that has been referred to by several different names, especially in the 20th century, such as creepies, bakies, and crawlers. Chickens with many of the same characteristics as Scots Dumpy chickens were recorded around 900 A.D. Sadly, this breed almost became extinct in the 20th century, but breeders kept them in existence. Today, although they are rare, they are no longer considered endangered.

Scots Dumpy Chicken Characteristics

This is a dual-purpose chicken breed that is generally quiet and gentle by nature. They are curious, which makes them great foragers. These birds are independent yet interactive with other chickens, as well as humans. The Scots Dumpy chicken is sometimes a little too friendly and trusting, in fact, which can get them in trouble with predators like raccoons and dogs.


Scots Dumpy chickens are bred for many reasons. Most commonly, they are raised for meat because they become large and plump once fully grown. They are also raised for eggs, of which they produce a moderate number throughout the year. Some people even raise Scots Dumpy chickens for show.

Appearance & Varieties

This chicken breed can come in any color, but they are usually black and/or white. They have short, stubby legs that do not allow them to scratch deep into the ground, which makes it easy to manage and maintain their foraging area. The Scots Dumpy chicken has a large, round body and a bright, straight comb.

These chickens have curved beaks and large, round eyes that are quite expressive when they look at you. Their tail feathers are large and soft, and their wings are short. It’s no wonder that this beautiful chicken breed is bred by many to show in competitions and community events.


It is unknown how many Scots Dumpy chickens are in existence around the world today or exactly where they are currently being raised. However, we do know that they thrive on farms and in backyard gardens throughout the United Kingdom. They can get along in just about any type of environment and climate.

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Are Scots Dumpy Chickens Good for Small-Scale Farming?

Yes! Scots Dumpy chickens are great for small-scale and large-scale farming. Since some are raised as show animals, they are used to living in gardens and backyards. Therefore, they don’t necessarily require a farm to get along and thrive. They can live just fine in yards of any size, especially if they are protected by a fence or protective animals.

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Final Comments

Scots Dumpy chickens are smart, quiet, inquisitive, and interactive birds that any farm or backyard chicken breeder will adore. They are good on both small-scale and large-scale farms. They can be raised for meat, eggs, and/or showing, which makes them extremely versatile. They also happen to be cute!

Featured Image Credit: HollyHarry, Shutterstock