The Sanganer Cattle is a fairly new breed that was developed in Africa to bring more prosperity to residents there. These animals were developed by breeding the Africander and Nguni Cattle together. Sanganer Cattle are used in many different programs to help up-and-coming farmers get their enterprises going. For example, some seasoned and lucrative farmers loan their Sanganer Cattle to new farmers.

The new farmers are trained on how to care for the animals and how to utilize them on their farms for things like fertilization. The farmers receiving the cattle loans are allowed to keep any calves that are produced while the cattle are in their charge. Sanganer Cattle are known for producing quickly, so most new farmers get at least one calf out of the deal.

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Quick Facts about the Sanganer Cattle

Dutch belted cattle and a lineback cow grazing
Image Credit: Dillon Naber Cruz, Shutterstock
Breed Name:Sanganer
Place of Origin:Africa
Uses:Meat production, fertilization
Bull (Male) Size:No statistics
Cow (Female) Size:No statistics
Color:Black and white
Lifespan:10–20 years
Climate Tolerance:Moderate
Care Level:Low

Sanganer Cattle Origins

The Sanganer Cattle was developed in Africa to help relieve the stress of local farmers who are having a tough time producing enough goods for their communities. These cows grow quickly, reproduce quickly, and are hardy enough to manage subtle differences in weather without the need for significant shelter. Therefore, they are perfect options for farmers who are trying to build their farmsteads and create a business that will sustain their families.

Sanganer Cattle Characteristics

The Sanganer Cattle is stout and hardy. This breed grows quickly and is not susceptible to many of the health conditions that other breeds are. They reproduce within a couple of years of being birthed, so they can provide many calves to a farm in a relatively short period compared to some other types of cattle.

These cattle are typically black and white in color and have long, stout bodies. They have humps on their upper backs and long, lean tails. Their faces are furry and their eyes large and curious. Their round ears leisurely protrude from the sides of their heads. The tops of their heads are usually covered by white, curly hair.


These animals were developed to produce meat protein for people living throughout Africa. They are not known for milk production, but they are great farmland fertilizers. Once a Sanganer Cattle is large enough to produce optimal amounts of meat, it is slaughtered and brought to market.


It is unknown how many Sanganer Cattle are in existence today. They are a new breed, and there are not enough collected statistics to come to any consensus. However, we do know that this breed is predominately found in Africa and is used to produce meat for the country’s population. They live in fields, prairies, and anywhere else where owners have created a home for them.

Are Sanganer Cattle Good for Small-Scale Farming?

Yes, Sanganer Cattle are great options for small-scale farming because they produce babies and grow meat so quickly. They are an affordable breed that can sustain itself on the land with little supplemental hay and grains necessary. They can be kept a couple at a time or thousands at a time — it all results in farming profits.


In Conclusion

Sanganer Cattle are an interesting breed in that it was solely created for meat production, yet the animals seem to be tolerant and sociable when spending time around humans. Small and large farming institutions alike can benefit from rearing a stock of Sanganer Cattle. These sentient animals can also be excellent pets on rescue and family farms.

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