The Ruffled Amazon Swordplant is very similar to the normal Amazon Sword and the Broadleaved Amazon Sword, however it’s leaves tend to grow much larger and also have ruffles around the edges, making it a beautiful plant to look at in aquariums!

Ruffled Amazon Swordplants have a maximum height of 20 inches (50 cm), which makes them a rather large plant, and therefore suited for larger aquariums. Their leaves also tend to grow very large and broad, so it is a good idea to plant them in an isolated area, without many surrounding plants. This will give them plenty of room to grow and help them look more natural in the aquarium.

Ruffled Amazon Swordplants are a relatively easy plant to maintain and have a moderate growth rate. They do best in bright lights and should be provided with a fine substrate, preferably an iron-rich substrate because iron is an essential nutrient in order for them to thrive. They also only need a relatively neutral pH around 7. Propagating these plants is fairly simple if the conditions are right. They will simply grow adventitious plantlets which will eventually separate and grow into their own plants.

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   They originate in Brazil.

Water conditions:

   Temperature: 75-82° F (24-28° C)
   pH: 6.5 – 7.5
   dCH: 2-15


   Light level: Bright


   The Ruffled Amazon Swordplant propagates by adventitious plantlets that grow on the main plant and eventually separate.


   The Ruffled Amazon Swordplant is readily available.