The Pygmy goat is a small, adaptable goat breed that is growing more popular in the United States. They originated from central and western Africa and were developed because they are compact and resourceful. In the United States, these animals are excellent for 4H because children aren’t intimidated by them. Plus, they make wonderful companions to many other farm animals. You don’t have to run a farm to own them, though. Many people are drawn to them because they make fun and enjoyable pets. However, just because you can have one doesn’t mean you should. Before buying a Pygmy goat, understand all of the costs and demands associated with them. Depending on the source, the Pygmy goat can cost from $40–$400 with monthly costs between $175–$600.

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Bringing Home a New Pygmy Goat: One-Time Costs

The initial cost of a Pygmy goat is surprisingly cheap. It’s only when you dive deeper into their care needs that you realize that these small animals could cost you a good chunk of change. Before we go too in-depth, let’s try to better understand the one-time costs of these animals.

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It’s not likely that you’ll find a Pygmy goat for free. There are situations where local farmers or a close friend or family member may be giving them away, but those instances are rare. If you are lucky enough to find one for free, make sure you get them checked out by a trusted veterinarian before you agree to take them.



There are quite a few adoptions available for Pygmy goats, but only when you buy them directly from someone who is trying to sell them. There aren’t very many adoption centers that are focused on goat adoptions. Those who can find one available for adoptions should expect to pay between $40 and $80. These animals should come with previous health records, and you should take them to the vet right away to ensure they are healthy.



There are quite a few Pygmy goat breeders around the world and the price varies greatly. The initial cost could fluctuate based on their location, size, color, pedigree, and sex. These are among the most sought-after goat breeds in the United States because they are such lovable pets. If you buy from a reputable goat breeder, it could cost you as much as $400. Of course, there are many breeders who are much more affordable. Regardless, always make sure you are buying from someone who is reputable and not breeding them in poor conditions.

Initial Setup and Supplies


Pygmy goats don’t require a lot to be happy. They do just fine when they have a heated shelter during the winter and shade during the summer. You’ll have to replace their bedding frequently, as well as a rake to remove their waste. Aside from that, they need a feeding station and a few toys to keep them entertained.

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Image Credit: aitoff, Pixabay

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List of Pygmy Goat Care Supplies and Costs

Waste Rake$20
Feed and Water Station$100

How Much Does a Pygmy Goat Cost Per Month?

$175–$600 per month

The main cost of owning a Pygmy goat comes from your monthly expenses. These prices include their food, bedding, grooming, vet visits, entertainment, and more.

Health Care

$105–$150 per month

Health care for Pygmy goats includes things like their food, grooming, and vet visits. These are things that you absolutely cannot skimp on if you want them to live healthy, happy lives.


$25–$50 per month

While Pygmy goats do graze on grass, they can’t survive on that alone. Their diet should mainly consist of hay and grains, as well as supplements like alfalfa or chaff-based feeds. These ensure that your goat is getting the proper nutrition to eat a well-balanced diet.


$20–$50 per month

Most first-time goat owners don’t realize that their hooves must be cared for by a professional. These visits usually take place about once every eight weeks, but it could be more frequent depending on the goat and their environment.

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Medications and Vet Visits

$20–$50 per month

Hopefully, your goat won’t have to go to the vet too often, but even annual wellness visits are still pricey. Make sure you set aside a minimum budget of at least $20 per month for their annual check-ups and any unforeseen illnesses or injuries.

Environment Maintenance

$25–$35 per month

The hardest part of caring for goats is ensuring that their environment is constantly clean and cozy. You should supply your goat with a shelter that stays warm in the winter and shaded in the summer. A shelter for a single goat should be about 8’ x 6’. On top of keeping the shed maintained, you will have to constantly change out the old bedding for fresh and switch out lightbulbs for a heat lamp in the winter.

Fresh Bedding$25/month
Lamp Bulbs$5/month


$10–$20 per month

Goats make such good pets because they are so entertaining to watch. They enjoy climbing and jumping and should have a few toys to play with that you rotate throughout the year. These kinds of things don’t have to be expensive, but they should keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

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Image Credit: johannaschendel, Pixabay

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Pygmy Goat

$175–$600 per month

After you factor in all the costs, including initial costs, setup, supplies, health costs, entertainment, and environmental maintenance, you’re looking at a monthly cost of at least $175 every month to own a Pygmy goat. This may be possible for some, but it’s a lot higher than many first-time owners are expecting. These prices can skyrocket well over $600 per month depending on many things like the type of food they eat, any repairs needing to be made to their shelter, if they get sick, and so on.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Pets come with additional costs that may or may not arise while caring for them. You may have to pay someone to come and care for them while you’re away on vacation or out of town for the holidays. There could be unexpected price increases on their food. Poor weather could damage their shelters. There are many things that could go wrong, and you should factor in an emergency budget in case any of these things come up.

Owning a Pygmy Goat On a Budget

Owning an animal like a Pygmy goat while on a budget isn’t ideal. Sure, it is possible, but there are many things that you simply can’t skimp on. For example, food, water, clean bedding, sturdy shelter, and vet visits are all essential for the health of your goats. The few things that you could save money on are non-essentials like toys and cheeping feeding stations. Still, there won’t be a ton of wiggle room in the budget.

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You’ve probably already heard how amazing Pygmy goats are to have as pets. They are fairly easy to care for, entertaining, and great companions. Still, that doesn’t always mean that we are able to afford them. They are not like cats and dogs, and they have a lot more needs than your average pet. Take your time to run the numbers based on your local prices to determine if owning one of these tiny goats is possible for you and your family.

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