Go on safari with Animal-Image! Travel through fascinating galleries of pet and animal pictures.

Take a visual journey through Dr. Jungle’s Animal-Image gallery and explore the vast variety of animals in our world. See pictures of family pets, companion animals, exotic pets, and wild animals.

This gallery is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections with thousands of animal images and some wonderful videos too. Photos are contributed by animal lovers from all over the world.

Animal-Image is sorted into nine separate picture galleries. Groups include dogs, cats, horses, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, coral reef animals, small animals and reptiles, (which contains amphibians and land invertebrates as well).

Whether you’re simply exploring the world of animals, looking for a type of pet, or need images for animal identification, use this guide to help you find what you need! Many of the pictures have a link available to take you to an information guide for that animal covering its background, history, and care.

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For a list of animal guides on all types of pets, see:
Dr. Jungle’s Animal-World

Cat Pictures

The pictures of cats in the Cat Pictures Gallery contains a section for each unique group or type of cats, a section for cats distinguished by their color pattern, and a cat videos section.

Cats are some of the most common types of pets. The vast majority of pet cats are domestic cats of a single species called Felis catus or Felis domesticus, but there are also wild cats that are kept in captivity. PIctures of the types of cats include domestic cat breeds, wild cats, and the exotic hybrids cats.

  • Natural Breeds of Cats – cat breeds that have naturally evolved over generations.
  • Mutation Cats – breeds of cats developed for a unique characteristic.
  • Hybrid Cats – cats developed from crossing two different breeds or species of cat.
  • Exotic Cats – wild cat species.
  • Color pattern cats – no matter what breed of cat, this group contains color coat patterns like tabby cats, tri-color or tortoiseshell cats, and orange cats.

Also see the encyclopedia, World of Cats, for information about different types of cats and cat care guides for each type of cat breed or species.

Dog Pictures

The pictures of dogs in the Dog Pictures Gallery is divided into sections for each of the unique dog breed groups. Dogs are another of the most common types of pets. Almost all domestic dogs are of a single species called Canis lupus familiaris.

Dogs have been developed for thousands of years, and for a number of different purposes. Their uses are as diverse as the needs of people, so they were bred for everything from companion animals, hunters and protectors, to work animals. The pictures in each breed group is based on what function the dogs were bred for:

  • Herding Dog Breeds – intelligent, trainable dogs primarily used to guard and move livestock.
  • Hound Dog Breeds – active, friendly dogs primarily used for hunting, either by scent or sound..
  • Sporting Dog Breeds – loyal, friendly, active and affectionate, these dog breeds excel in field activities.
  • Working Dog Breeds – large dogs bred to tend and care for people, property, and livestock.
  • Terrier Dog Breeds – peppy, tenacious dogs originally developed to hunt vermin, digging and burrowing into the dens of small mammals and rodents.
  • Toy Dog Breeds – small dog breeds primarily bred as house pets and companion animals.
  • Non-Sporting Dog Breeds – primarily companion animals, bred for a wide variety of uses and characteristics
  • Mixed Dog Breeds – a huge variety of dogs, cross breeds that consist of hybrids, ‘designer’ dogs, and the mutt.

Also see the encyclopedia, World of Dogs, for information about different types of dogs, and dog care guides for each dog breed.

Bird Pictures

The pictures of birds in the Bird Pictures Gallery covers popular pet birds as well as many lesser known birds species kept in captivity, and exotic birds.

Pet birds range from large to small parrots; hard bills like finches, canaries, pigeons, doves and other seed eaters; soft bills that eat a fruit based diet, like lories, lorikeets, and toucans; many other exotic birds kept as pets; and many other types of birds as well.

The bird picture galleries contains hundreds of bird species. It is divided into sections for each group of popular pet birds as well as birds of prey, game birds, water fowl, farm poultry and more. Pictures of the most popular pet bird groups are:

See the World of Birds encyclopedia for information about different types of birds, and bird care guides for each.

Horse Pictures

Horse breeds are all developed from a single species called Equus caballus. They have been bred for thousands of years, and for a number of different purposes. Horses range greatly in size and use from the smallest ponies to the largest horse breeds, the heavy draft horses. Each horse breed has a unique history of its development and uses, though today horses are most often enjoyed for riding, their breed standards, and for show or competition.

The pictures of horses in the Horse Pictures Gallery is divided into sections for each of the three common groups – Light Horses, Draft Horses, and Ponies. There will be future sections added for mules and for donkeys or burros.

  • Pony Breeds – Ponies are the smallest horses, generally being 14.2 hands high or smaller at maturity.
  • Draft Horses – These are the largest horse breeds, developed for use in field work and to pull heavy loads.
  • Light Horses – This group contains the largest number of horse breeds. They are generally faster and less bulky than the draft type horses and taller than the ponies. These horses are widely used for recreation and show.

See the World of Horses and Ponies encyclopedia for information about different types of horse breeds, and horse care guides for each.

Small Animal Pictures

The pictures of animals in the Small Animal Pictures Gallery contains popular small pets, many lesser known small animal species kept in captivity, and wild small animals as well.

This is a very diverse collection small pets and exotic small animals. There are groups and individuals ranging from the common pet store varieties of mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and rabbits to specialized small pets like chinchillas, degus, ferrets, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and goats. There are also exotic pets and animals like raccoons, muntjac deer, possums and opossums, squirrels, sloths, and monkeys.

Here is a partial list of animals in this gallery which will take you to pictures of the most popular small pet groups, as well as some very unique small animals:

See all different types of small animals in the main small animals picture gallery. Also, for information about each of the different types of small pets and animals, see the World of Small Animals encyclopedia, there are also care guides for each.

Freshwater Fish Pictures

Freshwater fish are another of the most common types of pets The pictures of fish in the Freshwater Fish Pictures Gallery contains a section for each unique group or type of freshwater fish.

The freshwater fish picture galleries are sorted into over 25 groups containing tropical fish, cold water fish, and brackish water fish. These groups include common aquarium fish, specialized tropical fish, aquarium plants, freshwater invertebrates, and aquarium how-to videos.

Aquarium plants and aquarium videos:

  • Aquarium Videos – Videos on popular aquarium fish species, and how to care for them in the aquarium..
  • Aquarium Plants – Ferns, mosses, rosette plants, stem plants and a planted tank how-to video
  • Freshwater Invertebrates – Fiddler crabs, lobsters, shrimps, crayfish, all sorts of aquatic and semi-aquatics.

Common freshwater fish pictures:

  • Livebearers – Guppies, Mollies, Platies and the Four-eyed Anableps!
  • Goldfish – Fancy goldfish of all types – Black Moor, Bubble Eye, Lionhead and many more. Common and Comet Goldfish too!
  • Anabantoids – Labyrinth Fish – The Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) and Gourami species are the best known. These fish are the bubble nest builders, fun to keep and to breed!
  • Catfish – All types of catfish – Plecostomus, armored catfish, glass catfish, upside down catfish, and many more..
  • Characins – Tetras top the list, along with hatchetfish, pencilfish, headstanders and many more.
  • Cichlids – South American Cichlids, African Cichlids, dwarf cichlids, pictures of hundreds of cichlid species.
  • Cyprinids – Barbs and Danios top this group, along with sharks, rasboras, and many more.

Specialized freshwater fish pictures:

  • Eels and Eel-like Fishes – Zig Zag Eel, Tire Track Eel, Fire Eel, Peacock Eel, spiny, spotted, spaghetti, more.
  • Elephantfish – Mormyrids – Elephant fish, baby whales, bottlenose dolphins, double-trunk elephants and more.
  • Freshwater Rays – Polka dot ray, jaguar ray, largespot, smooth-backed, large blotch river stingrays and more.
  • Gobies – Gobies and mudskippers! Bumblebee Goby, Knight Goby, Pearl Goby, Rainbow Goby and more.
  • Rainbowfish – Boesemani Rainbow, Celebes Rainbow, Lake Katubu (Turquoise) Rainbow, and many more.
  • Hillstream Loaches – Many species including Cherry fin loach, Chinese loach, polka dot, red-tail and more.
  • Loaches – About 40 species including the Botia, Dojo Loach, Queen, Berdmore’s, and more.
  • Killifish – Many types of Killi’s including Lampeye, Golden Wonder, Moonlight Medaka, Desert Pupfish, etc.
  • Knifefish – See the popular Black Ghost Knife, Clown Knifefish, African Knife, and more
  • Lungfish – This group contains the Pseudo Bony Fish – like the Australian Lungfish and other lungfish.
  • Puffers – Spotted Green Puffer, Avocado Puffer, Dwarf Puffer, Fahaka, Pignose, and more.
  • Perches – Includes well known perches like the Glassfish, Archerfish, Datnoid, Mono and Scat.
  • True Bony Fish – African Butterflyfish, Gars, Freshwater Lionfish, Arowanas, pipefish, threadfish, and more..

Also see the encyclopedia, Freshwater Fish of the World, for information and aquarium fish care guides for each of the different types of freshwater fish.

Saltwater Fish Pictures

Saltwater fish are exciting to keep, though they do require more of a commitment than their freshwater counterparts. Many dedicated aquarists have taken up the challenge. Today there are a number of marine fish successfully kept and common to the saltwater hobby, yet others that are often close relatives to the easier keepers, are still a challenge.

The pictures of marine fish in the Saltwater Fish Pictures Gallery are grouped into sections by types of fish, but this grouping does not indicate ease of care. There are also Salt water fish videos.

Saltwater Fish and aquarium videos:

  • Saltwater Fish Videos – Popular and interesting marine fish species videos and saltwater aquarium how-to videos.

Saltwater fish pictures:

  • Angelfish – Tons of exotic marine angelfish species from dwarf angels, to mid-sized, to large angelfish.
  • Anglers, Toadfish – Warty Frogfish, Painted Frogfish, Shaggy Angler, and more toadfish.
  • Anthias – Flashy Saltwater Anthias, Bicolor Anthias, Purple Anthias, Squarespot, Sea Goldie, and more!
  • Basslets, Grammas, and Longfins – Royal Gramma, Black-capped Basslet, Swalesi Reef Basslet.
  • Batfish – Spadefish – Orbiculate Batfish, Dusky Batfish, Atlantic Spadefish, Golden Batfish.
  • Blennies – Rock perchers! Lawnmower Blenny, Barnacle Blenny, Eyelash Blenny and many more!
  • Butterflyfish – All types of gorgeous Butterflyfish from easy aquarium keepers to the extremely difficult.
  • Cardinalfish – Banggai Cardinalfish, Flamefish, Pajama Cardinalfish, Black, Orangelined, and more!
  • Catfish – A very small group, as catfish are rare in the oceans! See the Coral Catfish and Silvertip Sea Catfish.
  • Clownfish – A favorite marine fish for any saltwater aquarium, Percula Clown, Maroon, Tomato and many more.
  • Damselfish – Hardy saltwater fish, though sometimes with attitude! Damsels, Chromis, Demoiselle and more.
  • Dottybacks – Orchid Dottyback, Purple Pseudochromis, Red Dottyback, Diedem, Sunrise, and lots more.
  • Eels – Many popular and well-known Moray Eels, Snowflake Eel, garden eels, snake eels and more.
  • Filefish – Not to be confused with triggerfish! Blackbar Filefish, Orange-spotted Filefish, Redtail Filefish.
  • Gobies, Dartfish – Favorites like the Firefish, Watchman Goby, Goldenheaded Sleeper, tons more.
  • Groupers – Favorites for a large fish species tank! Clown Grouper, Marine Betta, Panther, Miniatus, and more.
  • Grunts – Unusual for a home aquarium, yet often seen in public aquariums, Porkfish, Grunts and Sweetlips.
  • Hawkfish – Favorites for color and hardiness, Arc Eye Hawk, Flame Hawk, Longnose Hawk, Coral and more.
  • Jawfish – Pretty little fish, though rather rare in the home aquarium. Yellow-headed Jawfish, Bluespotted Jawfish.
  • Lionfish – Fascinating and popular aquarium predators! Volitan Lion, Antennata, Radiata, Shortfin and others.
  • Mandarinfish, Dragonets – Colorful and favorites for a reef tank! Manderinfish, Scooter Blenny, Spotted, more.
  • Unique Saltwater Aquarium Fish – Fun fish! Oldwife, Flying Gurnard, Mono (brackish fish), Sandperch, others
  • Parrotfish, Hogfish, Goatfish – Bicolor Parrot, Diana’s Hogfish, Quoy’s Parrotfish, Lyretail Hogfish, and more.
  • Puffers, Cowfish, Boxfish – Longhorn Cowfish, Spotted Sharpnose Puffer, Polka Dot Boxfish, and lots more.
  • Rabbitfish – Good natured tank mates! The Foxface, Bicolored Foxface, Barred Spinefoot and relatives.
  • Scorpionfish, Rockfish, and Sculpins – Leaf Scorpionfish, Stonefish, Tadpole Sculpin and lots more curiosities.
  • Seahorses, pipefish, Seadragons – Long graceful beauties! Seahorses, Weedy Seadragon, Pipefish galore.
  • Sharks – Sharks for a very large tank, and those for the sea! Cat Shark, Horn Shark, Bamboo, and lots more!
  • Snappers – Good sized, attractive marine fish! Emperor Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Bluestripe, and Threadfin.
  • Squirrelfish – Colorful and very hardy tank mates. Red Soldierfish, Longspine, Squirrelfish, and more.
  • Stingrays and Skates – Fascinating and friendly! Blue Spotted Stingray, Round, Bat, Cownose, and lots more.
  • Tangs, Surgeonfish – NIce, good looking! Blue Tang, Sailfin Tangs, Surgeonfish and Unicornfish galore.
  • Tilefish – Fewer seen in aquariums, but they sure are pretty! Bluehead Tilefish.
  • Triggerfish – Hardy and attractive. Blue Triggerfish, Bursa Triggerfish, Clown Trigger and lots more!
  • Wrasses – A huge group of colorful active fish! Fairy, Flasher, and Moon Wrasse types are just the beginning.

See the World of Saltwater Aquariums encyclopedia for information and fish care guides for the different types of saltwater fish.

Coral Reef Pictures

The pictures of corals, invertebrates, and other reef inhabitants in the Coral Reef Pictures Gallery offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of ocean marine life beyond the fishes. Coral Reefs look like beautiful underwater landscapes, yet these beautiful flower and tree looking growths are not plants. They are all animals with each being unique, fascinating, and often bizarre.

Reef tanks are an exciting way to experience these animals up close, yet they are not as easy to keep as fish aquariums. Many dedicated marine aquarists have delved into the challenge of reef keeping. Today there are a number of coral reef animals successfully kept and even propagates. Many of these are now common to the reef hobby, yet many others species are still a challenge to keep and far from being bred.

The pictures of corals and other reef inhabitants are grouped into sections by types of animals, but these groupings do not indicate the level of difficulty or the care individuals will need. Each animal seen in the coral pictures galleries has specific care requirements to grow and prosper in captivity. See the encyclopedia, Coral Reef Animals of the World, for information and care guides for each of the types of corals and other invertebrates.

Pictures of Reef Aquariums:

  • Reef Aquariums – See beautiful reef aquariums submitted by dedicated marine hobbyists.

Pictures of Corals, Anemones, and other Reef Invertebrates:

  • Anemones – Anemones are some of the hardiest reef animals. Clownfish anemones and many others types.
  • Burrowing Anemones – This is a unique group containing the tube anemones, but also the hell’s fire species!
  • Mushroom Anemones – The Mushroom Corals are not anemones, but are similar in shape and are also hardy.
  • Zoanthids – Zoas – Sea mats and polyps that are good beginner soft coral, lots of colorful species.
  • Large Polyped Stony Corals -LPS – Larger fleshy polyps help distinguish these hard coral, many reef favorites.
  • Small Polyped Stony Corals -SPS – These are hard corals that tend to have smaller polyps, lots of beauties.
  • Soft Corals – All sorts of hardy favorites and others, Xenias, Tubiporas, Capnella, Anthelia, and many more.
  • Leather Corals – Noted for their leathery surface, these are hardy soft corals that are great for beginners.
  • Gorgonians – The elegant Sea Fans and Sea Whips, Bushy Sea Rods, Sea Fingers, and Encrusting types.
  • Sea Pens – Unusual for a home aquarium, yet often seen in public aquariums, Fleshy Sea Pen.
  • Fire and Lace Hydroids – Be cautious with these beauties. The hydroids are bizarre, stinging types of corals.
  • Sponges – Encrusting and often very colorful, Orange Paddle Sponge, Orange Puffball Sponge, and more..

Pictures of Marine Plants, Crustaceans, and other reef inhabitants:

  • Marine Plants – Macroalgae, Coraline Algae, and other types of algae are truly plants, rather than animals.
  • Shrimps, Lobsters – Banded Coral Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp, Debelius Lobster and lots more.
  • Crabs – All sorts of crabs! Blue-legged and other hermit crabs, Arrow, Decorator, Coral, Horseshoe and more.
  • Clams – Giant clams are regularly propagated in captivity in many beautiful colors. Derasa, Maxima, others.
  • Molluscs – Small clams and other bivalves, nudibranches, slugs, snails, and cephalopods.
  • Starfish – Sea stars of all sorts and also Brittle stars, Basket Stars, Sea Apples, Sea Squirts, and Urchins.
  • Worms – Feather Dusters and Tube Worms, Bristle Worms and Fire Worms, Flatworms and more.
  • Jellyfish – Often seen floating about, these are translucent to transparent disk shaped animals with streamers.

Reptile Pictures

The pictures of reptiles are only some of the types of animals found in the Herptile Pictures Gallery – Reptiles and Amphibians. This picture gallery contains a vast number of herptiles. It is divided into sections for each animal group, or type of animal – reptiles, amphibians, and land invertebrates.

The reptile group has individual sections with pictures of snakes, lizards, turtles, and tortoises. The amphibian group has sections with pictures of frogs, newts, and salamanders. The land invertebrates has sections with pictures of tarantulas, scorpions, whip-scorpions, centipedes, and millipedes. Here are some of the largest groups or sections:

  • Amphibians – Amphibians is divided into e groups, frog pictures, salamander pictures, and pictures of newts.
  • Lizards – All sorts of lizards grouped by types. Iguana, Agamids, Chameleons, Monitors, and a whole lot more.
  • Snakes – All types of snakes, Boas, Pythons, Corn Snakes, Garter Snakes, Milksnakes, even Rattlesnakes!
  • Tarantulas, Scorpions, Invertebrates – Lots of unique land inverts, Spiders, Scorpions, Centipedes and more.
  • Turtles – Aquatic and semi-aquatic! Red-eared Slider, Box Turtle, Side-necked, Red-bellied, even Snappers!
  • Tortoises – Big, beautiful, and long-lived! Sulcata Tortoise, Greek, Herman’s, Red-footed, Leopard and more.

See all the different types of herptiles in the main reptiles picture gallery. Also see the encyclopedia, World of Reptiles, Amphibians, and Land Invertebrates, for information and care guides on each of the different types of herptiles.

Featured Image Credit: Andrew S, Unsplash