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"That would be the turtle I have- I currently own two box turtles, Scout/female/5yrs. & Percy/male/8yrs. They LOVE to eat grubs, worms, centipedes a roly-polies. Advice: If you are new at turtle owning, I suggest you read this page thoroughly and go to your local vet for help- maybe even go to your pet store. Some turtles that have a new environment are often uncomfortable and will refuse to eat. Try to get a tank, some nice terrain, a pool, a food dish, and a plant potter/ and or hollow thing that is big enough for a turtle. When filling up your tank, my turtles like water but mainly live on land, so the pool is great for turtles like mine and possibly yours. Make sure when you are pouring your dirt to pile it up in one area (turtles like to burrow). Put your hideout(your plant holder and or hollow thing) on the dirt or wood< whatever your using as terrain, then put your pool and your food dish. Try to put a variety of things in your turtles food dish like: cantaloupe, lettuce, carrots, apples, worms, grubs, roly-polys, centipedes, caterpillars, and turtle food you buy. Do not kill the bugs, or chop the lettuce or carrots, but do chop the apples into slices. Because, turtles will not eat the food because it is not how they would find it in the wild. Take your turtles outside also, keep a good eye on them, they can be fast( no sarcasm intended) your turtles or turtle will enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. Try not to linger on the turtle, for it will be scared and feel unsafe and wont go play. But do keep a good eye on them. Turtles are great friends, but need special care, so do not leave your turtle or turtles in the sun too long, and do NOT take your turtle out in freezing temperatures, keep them in their tank and a heat lamp hovering over the tank. That's my advice :)"
"Jessica Turtles"

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