Halloween Mysteries, 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bats

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Scary bloodsucking bats may alarm you on Halloween, but there’s much more to these mysterious creatures than fright! Bats are mysterious creatures to most people. So many people have never even seen one up close, yet they are widespread throughout much of the world. This is most likely because bats are very shy, and they […]

Looking for a Fright? 8 Scariest Animals on Earth

Mohave Desert Sidewinder Halloween witches, ghosts, and goblins are truly frightening, but what scares you the most? Do vampires or snakes strike fear in your heart? Do you find yourself with an adrenaline rush from sharks? Or maybe you stop cold in your tracks from creatures like bats, spiders, and rats? Scary animals can have […]

Out-of-Control Animals, 5 Most Dangerous

October 15, 2014 by  
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Mother Moose and calf courtesy of Dr. Jungle’s Animal-World.com team member, Tom Richardson Cantankerous animals that are very large and prone to charge… are best given a wide berth! Any animal can be dangerous if surprised or provoked, but those that unpredictably go out-of-control by their very nature are the most perilous. Encountering animals in […]

National Wildlife Day 2014, a Lifesaving celebration

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Giraffe family at Hoogle Zoo, Salt Lake City, UT Celebrating wildlife! National Wildlife Day reminds us of our role in conservation and as animal caretakers! Since the beginning of time the journey of wildlife has been enfolding. Today is set aside to honor where wildlife has been and where it’s going. But most importantly, it […]

Darn Cute Animal, Do You Know What it is?

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Photo Wiki Commons, courtesyEugenia and Julian A very cute animal that you may think is a Zorse… but it’s not of course! This adorable fellow looks kind of like a horse and kind of like a Zebra, but it is neither, nor is it a cross breed! We all know lots of cute animals. Dogs, […]

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