Colorful Macaw enjoys the challenge of the race, and wins!

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Tweet What could be a more remarkable sight than a pretty Macaw in freeflight and her human friend racing down the road! Imagine a bird companion that can actually do something as awesome as this; a pet that can go out in the world with its owner to flex and have fun. This incredible antic, […]

5 Must-Have Things To Keep Your Pet Bird Comfortable and Healthy

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The Senegal Parrot as a Pet

December 15, 2011 by  
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Senegal Parrot“What could be a more excellent pet than a splendid little fellow like me. Friendly, brains and color all in one… I dance, perform, and talk up a storm!” The Senegal Parrot is a small parrot, but has a big bird personality! The Senegal Parrot Poicephalus senegalus, are also called the Yellow-vented Parrot, is […]

Bird Care Basics

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Bird Care“Keeping a pet bird means good bird care! This bird care basics guide includes everything you need to know from bird cages, food and supplies to health care, exercise and safety!” To have a great pet bird, it must begin with the best bird care! Many different types of pet birds are available and […]

Choosing a Pet Bird

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Choosing A Pet Bird “What kind of pets are birds? Find out right here… facts about living with birds and finding the right pet bird for you!” Ever wonder what type of bird would be perfect for you? Here is a guide to finding out! Birds are often great pets for people looking for a […]

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