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Salwater Aquarium – Eels Salwater Aquarium – Eels

A bevy of saltwater aquarium eels updated with extensive information! Kidako Moray Eel – Gymnothorax kidako. Fimbriated Moray Eel -Gymnothorax fimbriatus. Ribbon Eel – Rhinomuraena quaesita. Banded Snake Eel – Myrichthys colubrinus. Zebra Moray Eel – Gymnomuraena zebra. “The Kidako Moray Eel is a rare beauty, whose juvenile... [Read more of this article]

Lionfish – Genus Pterois and Dendrochirus Lionfish – Genus Pterois and Dendrochirus

Two lionfish from two differnt genuses updated with extensive information. These fish are a favorite among aquarists because they are relatively easy to keep with very striking appearances Sometimes called the Red Lionfish, the Volitans Lionfish also has a black stripe color morph, coveted by aquarists! More information on the Volitans Lionfish… This... [Read more of this article]

Green Iguana – Iguana iguana Green Iguana – Iguana iguana

One of the most popular reptile pets of all time. Updated with extensive information on Animal-World! The Green Iguana is one of the most popular pet lizards, but it grows big… very big! Get all the info…  Read More →

Canine Heatstroke: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather Canine Heatstroke: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

Overheating isn’t just uncomfortable for a dog – it can be deadly. Once heatstroke sets in, a series of internal reactions can lead to organ failure, seizures and collapse. The scary thing is that heatstroke causes permanent damage in minutes. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your dog during hot weather. Here are seven of the most... [Read more of this article]

Tangs – Surgeonfish Genus Ctenochaetus Tangs – Surgeonfish Genus Ctenochaetus

Two Surgeonfish from the genus Ctenochaetus updated with extensive information. This genus is known as good algae eating fish. Check out those kissy marks on the glass! No, your bristletooth is not in love with you, but it is in love with the algae it’s eating! More information on Indian Gold Ring Bristletooth…  Read More →

Tangs – Surgeonfish Genus Naso Tangs – Surgeonfish Genus Naso

Two rather large Surgeonfish from the genus Naso fish updated with extensive information. Despite its large size, the Bluespine Unicornfish is one of the most personable and friendly surgeonfish, once it gets comfortable it will even take food from its keepers hand! More information on Bluespine Unicornfish… The oxymoron of unicornfish, neither... [Read more of this article]

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