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How To Control Excessive Chewing How To Control Excessive Chewing

Dogs are inquisitive creatures and love to explore the world. One of the ways they experience the world is with their mouths – but it can be a problem when the chewing gets out of hand. Chewing is a completely natural behavior and can help with their tooth development. It also keeps your dog’s gums nice and strong, and even keeps their teeth... [Read more of this article]

The 5 Best Live Plants for Goldfish Tanks The 5 Best Live Plants for Goldfish Tanks

By Matt Leighton, Goldfish are some of the most beautiful and intelligent aquatic creatures you will ever meet. They are also notoriously mischievous and persistent when it comes to digging up live plants. Nevertheless, in natural aquatic settings, plants play several key roles in the chain of life. This includes: ● Breaking down waste... [Read more of this article]

8 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Interact With Pets 8 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Interact With Pets

Photo by VisionPic .net from Pexels Teaching our children to have great interactions with their pets is a big responsibility for a parent. It forms the foundation of a lifelong relationship with the animals that interact with us on a daily basis. It also helps ensure the safety of both the animals involved and your kids. It’s not as hard as you’d... [Read more of this article]

Guinea Pig Care – 9 Ways To Make Your Guinea Pig Happy! Guinea Pig Care – 9 Ways To Make Your Guinea Pig Happy!

Learning how to bond with your guinea pig is important. Every guinea pig is different and some will have more playful and outgoing personalities while others will be more relaxed. Learning the subtle clues that show your Guinea Pig is fulfilled and happy is a smart way to keep them happier for longer. There are also many Guinea Pig Sounds that you... [Read more of this article]

Marine Betta – Calloplesiops altivelis Marine Betta – Calloplesiops altivelis

Another beautiful and interesting saltwater fish updated with extensive information. “This is a beautiful grace the peaceful Marine Betta (Bet’-ah) has, and now it is available as a tank bred fish! ” Get the whole story…  Read More →

Yellow Tang – Zebrasoma flavescens Yellow Tang – Zebrasoma flavescens

A beginner fish for the saltwater aquarium updated with extensive information. A true herbivore, this fish is hardy and gets quite large! “The Yellow Tang brings a bit of bright sunshine to any level aquarist’s tank, providing hours of viewing pleasure each day!” More Info…  Read More →

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