Picture of a Labradoodle - Mixed Dog that is a Designer Dog

   The Mixed Dogs, including the Mutt, can often be some of the most well rounded family pets!

Mixed dogs will very often make exceptional family pets. These dogs consist of a huge variety of crossbred dogs. They include the popular designer dogs and other hybrid dogs, as well as the familiar mutt.

For those dogs with a known parentage, the characteristics and traits are often apparent. However, they are often less dominant than they would be in a purebred dog. Consequently mixed dogs can make very well rounded companions. For some mixed dogs however, it can be hard to determine its parentage. When the parents are unknown, then it can be difficult to know what characteristics and traits will dominate, making behaviors and personality unknown.

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Mixed Dog Breeds
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Canis lupus familiaris
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Canis lupus familiaris

Dog Breed Information:

   There are tons of mixes that are wonderful companion dogs. The variety is endless. The mixed dogs seen here primarily focus on those mixes that are familiar hybrid dogs along with the popular designer dogs.

   Many of the Designer Dogs and Hybrid Dogs are well known and have a dedicated following. For some of these mixes there is a strong interest in their development as a breed. However, because many of these are breeds are newer, they may not yet qualify for dog registries, and so are not yet considered a ‘breed’. Those that do qualify are placed in a Miscellaneous Class and can compete in some areas.

Dog Types: Popular MIxed Dog Breeds

  Some of the most common and very popular crossbreeds, are the Labrador mixes. These mixes often have the same wonderful traits of their parentage; being loyal, affectionate, well rounded and active dogs. One of these favorite mixes is the Golden Labrador which is a a Golden Retriever/Labrador mix.

   Other fascinating crossbreeds are the Poodle mixes. These mixed dogs can be very intelligent and have minimal shedding. A highly favored Designer dog that combines both of these popular breeds is the Labradoodle, a Labrador/Poodle mix.

   Many of the favorite dog breeds are now becoming favorites in mixed dogs. A few of these breeds are the Schnauzer, Chihuahua, Pug, Yorkie, Papillon, Bichone Frise, and the Shih Tzu. The resulting favorite mixes include the Schnoodle (Poodle/ Schnauzer), Chug or Pugwawa (Chihuahua/Pug), Chion (Chihuahua/Papillon), Chorky (Chihuahua/Yorkie), Shih-Poo (ShihTzu/Poodle), Shih-Shon (ShihTzu/BichonFrise). And the list is growing.

Dog Care Tips:

   If you are interested in getting a mixed dog, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about its parentage. This will give you some guidance in determining the traits and behaviors your dog may demonstrate. It can also help you provide the proper care, housing, and exercise for your pet. All dogs, no matter what their makeup, will benefit from good socialization and training. .

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay