Micro-Sword Grass is a great foreground decoration because if supplied with a high enough light intensity, it can actually achieve a dense “lawn-like” appearance!

Micro-Sword Grass resembles typical grass seen on house lawns which is where it gets the common name of “grass.” It only grows 4 to 7 inches in height, making it ideal for foreground aquarium plant cover.

It has a moderate growth rate, but can grow more quickly if provided with more intense light. In general, this plant is relatively easy to care for. Keep the water at a fairly neutral pH with plenty of nutrients. It can survive in either hard or soft water.


They originate in South America, namely Brazil, Paraquay, and Argentina. Today they are grown in aquaculture farms for the aquarium industry. In the wild they grow on the banks of low current rivers, marches, and ponds.

Water conditions

  • Temperature: 70-80° F, 21-27° C
  • pH: 6.8-7.5
  • dKH: 4-8

Although these are the optimal conditions, they are often listed as tolerating temperatures as low a 15° C as well as ph from 6-8.


   Light level: Moderate to high. Micro-sword grass will grow and propagate more quickly with higher light levels.


   Micro-Sword Grass is propagated by runners, much like the terrestrial Bermuda grass..


The Micro-Sword Grass Plant is readily available, they are propogated in large quantities for the aquarium industry.

Featured Image Credit: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, Steven Nichols, Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0