Lovebirds are delightful little parrots that have been kept as pets for over 100 years! There are 9 species of these colorful, stocky little birds. There is also a wide variety of colorful mutations that have been developed within these species in captive bred lovebirds.

In the wilds of Africa and Madagascar, lovebirds live in flocks and are very social. The size of the flock varies with each species. Within the flock individual lovebirds will often pair up and be mates for life, staying very close to each other and constantly grooming each other. They display very loving affection, hence the term “lovebirds”.

Lovebirds are lively flyers and climbers, and as pets they are enjoyed for these antics as much as they are enjoyed for their beauty and their affectionate displays to their mate.The most popular and readily available species are the Peach-faced Lovebird, the Fishcher’s Lovebird, and the Masked Lovebird.

Popular Lovebirds and Color Mutations!

Abyssinian Lovebird

abyssinian lovebird perched
Image Credit: wiangya, Shutterstock

Agapornis taranta

Black Masked Lovebird

masked lovebird perched in a tree
Image Credit: Susan Flashman, Shutterstock

Agapornis personata

Blue Masked Lovebird

blue-masked lovebird inside the cage
Image Credit: SkyroseStudio, Shutterstock

Agapornis personata

Dutch Blue Lovebird

Dutch Blue lovebird on the grass
Image Credit: Cheng Wei, Shutterstock

Agapornis roseicollis

Fischer’s Lovebird

A pair of Fischer's lovebirds
Image Credit: laurahagi, Shutterstock

Agapornis personata

Lutino Lovebird

lutino lovebird inside the cage
Image Credit: EKA TOM, Shutterstock

Agapornis roseicollis

Peach-faced Lovebird

Peach-faced lovebird perched
Image Credit: ChocoLove, Shutterstock

Agapornis roseicollis

Featured Image Credit: James Lee, Unsplash