Kosher King chickens are a newer breed bred for meat. If you’re interested in raising chickens for meat, they’re a great choice because of their hardiness, availability, and delicious flavor.

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Quick Facts about Kosher King Chickens

Breed Name:Kosher King
Place of Origin:USA
Rooster (Male) Size:7 lb.
Hen (Female) Size:5–6 lb.
Color:Silver, red, barred
Lifespan:Matures in 12 weeks
Climate Tolerance:Hardy
Care Level:Easy to medium
Egg Production:Poor
Meat Production:4–5 lb (hen); 6 lb (rooster)

Kosher King Chicken Origins

The Kosher King is a hybrid breed descended from heritage breeds like the Barred Rock and the Sussex. It was bred to be an alternative for the Cornish Cross chicken, reaching a similar size but with a more natural growth rate and better health. It is a meat chicken, and Kosher King Hens are generally poor layers.

Kosher King Chicken Characteristics

Kosher Kings are known for their good temperament, as they are usually docile and friendly to humans. They are energetic, robust chickens that require space to be their happiest. They are also great foragers, and if given enough room, they can supplement their diet with forage. These hardy, robust chickens can survive many climates; although if you buy chicks in the fall, they might need extra protection against cold winters. They are often available year-round.

These hens don’t lay well, so it’s suggested that you buy chicks from a hatchery instead of attempting to home-breed chickens. They reach their ideal weight at around 12 weeks of age, so they aren’t as fast-growing as some meat chickens, but they do grow faster than many heritage breeds.


The Kosher King chicken is a meat chicken known for its delicious white and dark meat and its ease of care. Males yield about six pounds of meat when dressed, while females weigh in at up to five pounds.

In some parts of the country, female Kosher King chickens are prized for use in ethnic Chinese dishes. This means that male chicks are often available for a lower price compared to most breeds of meat chickens.

Appearance & Varieties

Most Kosher King chickens are barred black and white, giving them a beautiful speckled appearance. A few Kosher Kings are also silver or red barred and occasionally solid red. They have medium-sized red combs and wattles. They are medium to large in size. Kosher King chicks also come in a variety of colors, including black and yellow.


Kosher King chickens were bred in the US originally. They do well in most climates and are fairly hardy. They also are good foragers and common across most of the United States. You can order day old Kosher Kings from many different hatcheries across the United States.

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Are Kosher King Chicken Good for Small-Scale Farming?

Kosher King chickens are a great first meat chicken for small-scale farmers. They are easy to care for, with a good temperament, a hardy disposition, and great yields. Feeding your Kosher King good quality food, including forage if available, will result in high-quality delicious meat. They are also suitable for organic diets.

Overall, these chickens are a perfect choice for many home farmers. If you’re new to the breed, starting with a small flock can help you learn if they’re right for you.

Featured Image Credit: KelseyJ, Shutterstock