“Fish with a mission!”

Now that most aptly describes these adorable little catfish busily scouring around and vacuuming up the aquarium!

What a delight it is to keep a bunch of Julii Cory. These are very beautiful little catfish, but they have no time to pose for a picture. They are very active and much too busy looking for tidbits of food in the substrate, to notice or think about their looks!

For the aquarist, the Julii Cory is one of the most popular and desirable of the Corydorus. Its colors and leopard patterning are amazing! A creamy white body covered all over with black spots is then accented with a horizontal black line and a large black patch at the top of a high dorsal fin. It’s no wonder they are affectionately called Leopard Corydoras.

three julii corydora fish
Image Credit: staras, Shutterstock

Julii Cory is quite small, reaching only about 2 inches in length. They are very peaceful, probably because they have only one thing on their mind… food! They are also very hardy and tolerant of tank conditions. These factors make them ideal for a small community aquarium, and for a beginning aquarist.

If keeping one fish would be good, than keeping a bunch of these fish would be stupendous. This is one of those undisputable truths… and with this little fish is absolutely necessary. These Leopard Catfish are very gregarious and sociable. They simply must be kept in a group of no less than 4 individuals to thrive, and the more the merrier!

Here’s a heads-up for beginning aquarists, these guys are an awesome. For a jolly community tank full of life and activity, the Julii Cory is a find. Of course experienced aquarist know this, and probably have some of these beauties in one of the tank setups already!

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Featured Image Credit: Arcaion, Shutterstock