Did you know that pigs are on the list of the top 10 most intelligent animals in the world? They have a high IQ, reflect and show empathy, and communicate using 20 different sounds. Pigs are incredible animals, and they need an environment to thrive in—both physically and mentally. People unfamiliar with how wildly intelligent pigs are may not realize that mental stimulation and entertainment are just as important as giving them the necessities. Like humans and other intelligent animals, pigs need to be able to entertain themselves constantly. But how can you keep your pig entertained? Here is a list of 10 things you can give your pig to play with and stay entertained throughout the day.

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Top 10 Things Your Pig Likes To Play With

1. Hay pits or boxes

Pigs are foragers, so they will love the challenge of looking for things in the hay. Put some fresh hay in a pit or large box and bury some treats, such as dry cereal, sunflower seeds, or popcorn. Pigs will love rooting around in the soft hay looking for the treats!

pig eating on wooden box
Image Credit: Pixabay

2. Sandpits

A sandpit is another place where a pig can root around for treats. However, since sand is a different texture, avoid burying treats with a lot of moisture content, like apples. Instead, hide treats that are drier so your pig does not consume too much sand.

pig looking for food
Image Credit: Piqsels

3. Rooting boxes

A rooting box is a great indoor activity for your pig because it is less messy than hay or sand. Fill a pen or kiddie pool with items that are not small enough for the pig to swallow. You can use play pit balls, stuffed animals, river rocks, or torn-up fabric. Toss in a few healthy snacks and let your pig forage!

4. Mud pit

What pig doesn’t love a good old-fashioned roll in the mud? A mud pit is both fun and beneficial. It is entertaining, relaxing, great for the pig’s skin, and protects them from the sun, insects, and parasites.

pig in the mud
Image Credit: Piqsels

5. Kiddie pools

Pigs love to splash around in water! A kiddie pool is a fantastic way to give your pig something fun to do on a hot day. To make their time in the kiddie pool more entertaining, toss in some weighted toys. Pigs will dive down to grab them. You can even throw in some small pieces of fruits or vegetables for your pig to grab as they swim around.

6. Treat knots

If you have some clean fabric, you can make a treat knot. Place some treats on the material and tie some loose knots around. Your pig can spend some time pulling apart the knots to get at the goodies.

young pigs on the grass
Image Credit: dyoma, Shutterstock

7. Pet puzzles

What is a pet puzzle? I am glad that you asked! Puzzles allow your pet to challenge themselves to get a reward but are usually made with dogs in mind. Since pigs are more intelligent than dogs, your pig might find pet puzzles entertaining.

8. Hanging treats

Placing hanging treats for your pig around the pen or yard is a great way to combine entertainment, exercise, and nutritious snacks. You can place small treats in water bottles with holes to give your pig a bit of a challenge.

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Image Credit: Piqsels

9. Rolling treats

Rolling treats are another great way to combine playtime and exercise. Take a large water bottle and cut holes in it. Fill the bottle with oats or other healthy treats cut into small pieces, and let the pig push it around to get the treats.

10. Balls

A soccer ball, mini basketball, or football are quick and easy toys you can give to your pig. Your pig can use these toys both inside and outside.

pig playing soccer ball
Image Credit: galitsin, Shutterstock

Why Pigs Need to Be Entertained

When people think about entertaining a pet, they usually believe that cats and dogs are the animals that need toys and mental stimulation. But pigs need to be entertained. They are highly intelligent mammals that can get bored without having toys or other things to keep them engaged and challenged. Toys, rooting boxes, and treat balls can all contribute to giving your pig something fun to do during the day.

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Are Pigs Social Animals?

Yes, pigs are social animals. Most pigs can form close bonds with other pigs in their group. However, adult male pigs tend to be more solitary. When pigs are with other pigs, they can help them feel less bored. But even if you have a few pigs, they can all benefit from toys and objects to keep them entertained.

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Image Credit: Piqsels

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Final Thoughts

Even if pigs have food, water, and shelter, they still need toys and objects to entertain themselves. Mental stimulation and activities are essential for your pig’s health. Bored pigs can act out in destructive ways and even get depressed. This article provides you with plenty of creative and budget-friendly ideas to keep your pig engaged and entertained during the day. Give one of these ideas a try! You can even vary up the toys you give your pig during the week. Your pig will thank you.

Featured Image Credit by: acceptphoto, Shutterstock