Pigs are meticulously clean animals. Even so, pig farms start smelling foul after very little time. If you have pigs on your property, you likely want to do everything in your power to remove the pig odor and make your home and community smell fresh again.

Listed below are seven ideas and tips for getting rid of pig odor. Pig farmers have used these tips for years for their efficiency and reliability.

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How to Get Rid of Pig Odor (7 Ideas & Tips)

1. Reconsider the Pen Location

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The number one way to minimize pig odor is to be strategic in the pen location. You want to select a location that is downwind so that wind does not carry the pig odors to your home and your neighbors. You also want to place pens on a slope where drainage and drying are more efficient. Southern and southeastern areas are best.

Unfortunately, reconsidering a location is not always easy. If you already have a pen set up, changing the site can be expensive. It also takes a lot of time because you will have to create a new enclosure for your pigs.

Even so, reconsidering the pen location is the number one way to minimize pig odor. If you are really dedicated to reducing the odor, change the pen location first.

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2. Change Your Pigs’ Diet

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If your pigs smell bad all the time, it is likely because of their diet. Changing the pig’s diet can make a world of difference when it comes to their odor.

For starters, make sure your pigs always have access to good-quality drinking water low in sulfates and nitrates. Additionally, use proper grinding mechanisms to enhance digestibility, which will then reduce nitrogen excretion.

Try using a three-phase feeding program as well. These sorts of programs can reduce ammonia emissions by nearly 50%. These different diet ideas will help to reduce the amount of ammonia and nitrates in your pig’s waste, resulting in a less stinky farm.

3. Keep the Pens Clean

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Another top way to minimize pig odor is to keep the pen clean. This is obviously a no-brainer. Not only will keeping a clean pen minimize odor, but it will make your pigs healthier and more comfortable in their home.

Whenever the wind is blowing away from neighbors, agitate and empty the pits. If you do this when winds are going towards your neighbors, the smell will carry as you are cleaning. To clean out the pen, scrape manure buildup away.

Make sure all feeders and excess food are picked up as well. Leftover food will add additional nutrients to the manure, which will increase the odor. You can also use pellet feed to reduce dust in the pen.

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4. Keep Pen Floors Dry

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In addition to cleaning the pen, do everything you can to keep the floors dry. If the floors are wet, you can expect the waste to be a lot smellier than it would if it were dry. Making sure the stalls are cleaned is one way to get this done.

If you have a larger budget, consider adding an underfloor ventilation system. This ventilation will help to keep the floors dry.

5. Keep the Animals Clean

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Pigs are pretty good at keeping themselves clean. Even so, make sure you do everything in your power to keep your pigs hygienic and mess-free. Keeping the pen clean will mostly do the job for you.

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6. Create Rooms in the Pen

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One mistake that a lot of new pig farmers make is failing to create separate rooms inside the pen. Pigs are hygienic animals that don’t like to go to the bathroom where they sleep. You can strategically design the pen so that there is a specific area for your pig’s waste.

Create an area for the pig to sleep, an area for the pig to eat, and an area for the pig to go to the bathroom. These sections will minimize smell because the pig will naturally start to go to the bathroom in the same spot, which makes it a lot easier to clean.

7. Try Using Activated Charcoal

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One last thing you can try to minimize the smell is adding activated charcoal to your pig’s bathroom area. Then, cover the activated charcoal with sawdust or dirt. The activated charcoal will help to absorb the odors until you clean the area. If you don’t have time to clean the manure every night, add straw over the top to trap the aromas.

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Do Pigs Stink Up the House?

Living in close proximity to a pig farm can cause your home to smell. If you live downhill from the farm, the smell will likely be strong. The proper location of the pig farm and proper cleaning can help to mitigate these smells.

Why Do Pigs Smell So Bad?

Surprisingly, pigs themselves are very clean animals and rarely smell. Pig farms smell bad because of the manure and urine. Just like any other animal, pig waste is stinky because of the chemical reactions.

A single pig won’t create an overwhelming smell. However, a lot of pigs at a pig farm can create an overwhelming smell that often trickles down to neighbors and others in the community.

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If your pig farm smells, it’s imperative to reconsider the pen location and to make sure you are doing everything in your power to keep the enclosure and animals clean. If you use the seven tips above, you might be able to get rid of some of the odors.

It’s imperative to remember that the feces is responsible for the smell, not the pig itself. That explains why location and cleaning are essential for removing foul odors.

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