If you’ve been wondering how to fix up your backyard for some time now and don’t want to go with a standard swimming pool or patio, you should consider installing a koi pond instead. Koi ponds are said to be great stress relievers, and koi fish are certainly easier pets to care for than dogs and cats.

There are many benefits to building a koi pond in your backyard, but most people are worried about how much it will cost to build and maintain. While it is a large investment, the benefits certainly make it worth the cost.

A high-quality koi pond will run you anywhere from $500 to $100,000, sometimes more. The average annual maintenance costs are a few thousand at least.

If you’re considering building a koi pond in your backyard but just aren’t sure, read on below as we go into the cost to build and maintain one.

Costs to Build a Koi Pond

There are different sizes of koi ponds to choose from, so it stands to reason that the costs are going to vary. We’ll go into the costs of a few varying types below.

Construction Costs for Building a Koi Pond

You can DIY a simple koi pond for around $500, but if you want a high-quality koi pond, it’s going to cost quite a bit more.

An average koi pond will run you around $9,000 to build. This will buy you a low-maintenance, pretty koi pond that looks natural. This cost includes the liner, gravel, rocks, filters, and the labor to get it done in most cases. Of course, any of the prices in this guide are subject to change and will vary according to the company you choose to build your pond.

For an average koi pond, plan to shell out extra for plants, fish, LED lights, and other accessories.

On the other hand, a large koi pond will run you about $20,000, according to the installer. This will be around 15 x 20 feet wide, come with a stream, and hold around 2,500 gallons of water. In most cases, they have more design features as well.

koi pond with waterfalls
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Koi Pond Maintenance Costs

The average yearly cost for maintaining a koi pond in 2021 is around $3,150. Therefore, based on an average-sized pond, you can expect the following.

  • Around $1,200 for maintenance in the spring
  • Around $500 for spring maintenance filters and $400 for fall maintenance filters
  • $300 for winter checkups
  • An average of $250 to replace any parts that are broken

All of this, of course, is going to vary from company to company and location to location. It could be a little cheaper if you do everything DIY style, but it’s not recommended.

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Koi Pond FAQ’s

There are usually quite a few questions associated with having a koi pond built in your backyard. We’ll answer a few of them below.

What Is the Average Cost of Koi Fish?

There are a couple of places to buy your koi fish. A pet store will run you around $10, while a high-quality breeder can cost you up to $380 per fish. According to the koi fish you choose, some can cost you up to $10,000.

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How Is a Koi Pond Installed?

The best way to have a koi pond installed in your backyard is to have a company come in and do it for you. The company will come in, excavate the land, then design the pond before filling it with water. It’s important to note that a prefab will require less time to put in but might not be as high quality and durable as custom koi ponds are.

Buying Tips

Now that you know the average cost to build and maintain a koi pond in your backyard, you need to make sure you get the necessary permits and the like before you start to build your own or have someone build one for you.

It’s also important to find the right company to build the koi pond for you. Do this by getting referrals from friends, neighbors, or even co-workers that might have had a koi pond built in their own backyards.

Once you do, do your research, ask for references, and read reviews on any company you’re considering. You’ll also want to ask for proof of license and insurance before you let any contractors onto your land to build.

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Final Thoughts

This concludes our guide on the costs of putting a koi pond in your backyard and how much it costs to maintain one once it’s done. Remember, having a koi pond in your backyard has many benefits, but you want to make sure the pond you have installed is high-quality and durable from the beginning. The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money for a koi pond that you have to have replaced or repaired within a year of having it built.

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