Camels are truly unique creatures, and there are a bunch of things about them that make them distinctive from other mammals. From their physique and appearance to their behavior, there are a million things that make camels stand out from other animals, including the way they sleep.

So, how exactly do they sleep? Camels sleep standing up or kneeling, with their legs tucked under them and their heads resting on the ground.

Keep reading to learn more about camels, their sleeping patterns, and their positions.divider-multipet

Where Do Camels Sleep?

When camels are out in the wilderness, they typically sleep under the open sky. However, when around humans, they can sleep in tents or barns.

Camels in captivity commonly have strict schedules:
  • Summer months — During summer, camels from camps commonly eat at dawn and then rest until the afternoon. After rest, they go out for another meal; after getting full, they return to the campsite to sleep again.
  • Winter months — During winter, these camels typically go to pastures at the peak of dawn and return to the campsite in the evening.

How Exactly Do They Sleep?

Camels commonly sleep kneeling down with their legs folded below their bodies while their heads and necks rest on the ground. Luckily, their skin has thick calluses, which prevent them from burning in the hot sand.

This sleeping position is not typical for other members of the Camelidae family, as they prefer to stretch and spread their legs in front of them during sleep.

It’s also not uncommon for camels to sleep standing up. This is particularly noticeable when camels are in the wilderness because it’s how they stay safe from predators. Sleeping while standing allows camels to hear potential threats and react promptly.

They will occasionally sleep on their side, although that rarely happens.

How Long Do They Sleep?

Camels commonly sleep in short intervals, and they spend around 6 to 7 hours a day asleep. Depending on the camel species, their daily activities, and location, camels will typically split their sleep into smaller resting periods.

Bactrian Camel
Image Credit: Dušan, Pixabay

Do Camels Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Camels typically sleep with their eyes closed instead of keeping them open. Their eyes play an important role in protecting them from the sand. Camels have three eyelids that allow them to close their eyes and sleep without the need to worry that sand might affect their sight if they wake up.

Interesting Fact About Camels

Besides the way they sleep, there are a bunch of interesting facts about camels.

Check some of them out below:

  • Camels are experts at surviving in harsh desert conditions
  • They are born without their humps
  • Their humps store fat which allows them to survive without food and water for long periods
  • Their red blood cells retain water, allowing them to drink large amounts at once
  • They are quite fast, and some countries even have camel races
  • They are strong and can carry up to 600 pounds on their backs
camel walking on seaside
Image Credit: Piqsels


Final Words

When it comes to sleeping, camels typically lay down in a tricky position, keeping their heads and shoulders on the ground, with their feet below their bodies. They will even sleep in an upright position, especially if in the wilderness. Most camels break up their sleep into multiple smaller resting sessions, allowing them to be fully rested during the day.

Featured Image Credit: fußspuren, Pixabay