Fancy Guppy fish have so many babies, there’s no wonder they are also also called the Millions Fish!!

Fancy Guppies are incredibly beautiful and prolific. They hold the honor of being the most beloved fish species for that last century. These small gems are constantly on the move and each one is unique. They can be solid colored or adorned in all the colors of the rainbow. As they dance and dart around the waters they bring the aquarium to life.

Their attraction is not restricted to just being fancy dandies either. Their personalities have charmed generations of aquarists. Neither shy nor aggressive, they have a wonderfully balanced of activity and confidence. And yes, they are prolific! These live-bearing fish breed readily in the home aquarium without any special attention as long as they are well fed and cared for.


Even though they are always on the move, Guppies are very friendly fish. Peaceful and sociable, they make ideal companions for a community aquarium. They love the company of their own kind and enjoy other small peaceful fish too.

This is probably the most widely available species of tropical fish. They are loved by all types of aquarists, but are wonderful fish for the beginner too. These little beauties are quite hardy and easy to care for. Because Guppies are small, they can be kept in a smaller tank. A five gallon tank with a proper filter, heater, and some plants to swim among will work just fine.

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Featured Image Credit: panpilai paipa, Shutterstock