Disclaimer: Animal World does not advocate for animal fighting of any kind. This article is strictly for informational purposes.

While pitting one animal against another has been declining in popularity for centuries, cockfighting has made it until relatively recently with only modern laws and police tactics finally all but eliminating this illegal sport. However, like the many dog breeds, including the Bulldog and the Pitbull, that needed to find a new purpose, many fighting chicken breeds need to be modified as well. Join us while we list many of the different aggressive chickens used for cockfighting. We’ll show you what they look like and provide you with a description of each so you can learn more about them.

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The 9 Game Chicken Breeds:

1. Albany

The Albany game bird is a large red bird with black accenting feathers and yellow legs. It has a good sense for the fight and can take a lot of damage and continue to fight. It can duck attacks and retreat into small spaces to gain valuable time waiting for the perfect time to strike. It’s often mixed with other breeds to improve its fighting ability.

2. Asil

The Asil is one of the more popular breeds for gaming. It has a rounded head with yellow skin and feathers. Its beak is small, and its shoulders are broad. Pure Asils are slower than most other breeds, so breeders usually mix it with faster birds to improve their performance in the game. It uses precise strikes to kill an opponent quickly.

3. Brown Red Game Fowl

The Brown Red Game Fowl is an attractive bird with brightly colored feathers. Breeders created it in the 1870s, but due to the decline of gaming, these birds find it difficult to find other work since they are too aggressive for most farms. It usually has black or slate-colored legs and a round head. It moves quickly and bounces from side to side before making a precise strike. Modern crossbreeding has enhanced its fighting ability further.

4. Grey

As the name suggests, the Grey breed usually has a grey or off-white colored body with darker feathers contributing to its unique appearance. Its legs are typically yellow or white, and it will have a square head. Greys are powerful birds that use their strength to dominate their opponents. The only downside to this breed is that some owners complain they are too small when matched up against larger birds.

5. Kelso Game Bird

The Kelso game bird is an intelligent animal that takes its time to calculate an attack. It usually has yellow feathers over the head and neck with a turkey crest. It can have white or yellow legs, but white legs are often preferred. It’s good at the ground fight and is an expert at avoiding attacks but is considerably weaker in the air.

6. Lemon Fowl

The Lemon Fowl is a popular breed of gaming chicken that has won many awards worldwide. It’s a German bird that is still close to its original pedigree and can hold its own against more refined breeds. You will know it’s a Lemon Fowl by its yellow hecklers and yellow or green legs. It will usually have red feathers on its back. They typically move quickly away from their prey before dealing winning with a lethal strike.

7. Radio

The Radio Game Fowl has a square head and short legs. It earned its name by making excessive noise, especially when engaged with an opponent. It’s aggressive to the point of considering every encounter a fight to the death. It will immediately attack its opponent, but some breeders mix it with other birds to make it a little faster.

8. Roundhead

Roundhead chickens are great fighters created by an experienced breeder, but a mistake will cause them to be quick losers. To be successful with this breed, you need to know the bloodline well and understand genetics. It’s an Oriental bird with a pea comb and yellow or white legs. It’s intelligent and uses sidestepping and agility to gain the upper hand. It’s aggressive and has deadly leg power.

9. Whitehackle

The Whitehackle is an attractive bird that is usually all white but can contain several bright colors that are always spangled. This bird is a technical fighter that looks for an opportunity to attack. It’s fast but will evade attacks if the other bird is faster. This intelligence and ability to read its opponent usually lead this bird to victory.

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While cockfighting and other fighting sports are on the decline due to laws preventing them, many of the birds on this list are extremely attractive and will do well in competitive shows.  While not quite the same thing, it still provides a good use for these animals that can bring in some money to help pay for the cost of ownership. Chickens like the Asil, Brown Red Game Fowl and Whitehackle are sure to bring home the prize.

Featured Image: Pexels, Pixabay