There are more than 50 breeds of chicken recognized by the American Poultry Association, and if you are looking for the fluffiest breeds, we’ve got the perfect lineup. Join us while we go over each bird, offer you a few facts about it, and provide pictures so you can see how they differ in appearance.

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The 13 Fluffiest Chicken Breeds

1. Silkie Chicken

Silkie chicken
Image Credit: furbymama, Pixabay

The Silkie is the first chicken on our list. This breed has extremely fluffy feathers and some other unique traits. The skin under the feathers is black, as are its bones. This bird also has blue earlobes, which stand out no matter what color it is. It also has five toes on each foot, which is one more than most other breeds. It’s naturally inclined to incubate eggs, so many farmers use it to help incubate the eggs of different chicken breeds.

Size: 2 – 3 pounds

2. Cochin Bantam Chickens

Cochin Bantam Chicken
Image Credit: Kassia Marie Ott. Shutterstock

Cochin Bantams are another small and fluffy chicken. This breed is brightly colored, and there are feathers on its legs. Another unique trait about this chicken is that its skin is yellow. Owners usually bread the smaller Bantam Cochins as well as the standard size Cochins for exhibition.

Size:  1 – 2 pounds

3. Sultan Bantam Chickens

sultan chicken
Image Credit: Sultans, Natural Eye, Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

The Sultan Bantam is another small chicken that is also quite rare. It has fluffy plumage, especially over the head and tail. This bird only lays a few eggs each year, so owners usually use them as exhibition birds to enter contests. These birds are usually white with slate blue legs.

Size: 1 – 2 pounds

4. Frizzle Chicken

Frizzle Chicken
Image Credit: minka2507, Pixabay

The Frizzle breed has curled, fluffy plumage. The history of this bird is unknown, but many experts believe they came from the Far East in the 1800s. While this bird is a good egg layer, owners primarily keep them to enter into award shows.

Size: 7 – 8 pounds

5. Polish Chicken

Crested golden laced polish chicken
Image Credit: Andi111, Shutterstock

The Polish chicken is easy to identify with its large crest of feathers over its head. There are several different kinds of Polish chickens, including the Golden Polish and the Laced Polish.

Size: 6 – 7 pounds

6. Ameraucana Chicken

Ameraucana Chicken
Image Credit: Flensshot, Pixabay

The Ameraucana chicken is especially unique because not only is it fluffy, it also lays blue eggs and is one of only a few chicken breeds to do so, collectively called Easter Eggers. There are eight different colors available in this breed, including black, blue, brown, and white.

Size: 5 – 7 pounds

7. Crevecoeur Chickens

Crevecoeur Chicken
Image Credit: Pukhov K, Shutterstock

The Crevecoeur is a fluffy but extremely rare breed that most owners use for exhibition, though it does a fair job of laying eggs. It can also get quite large and provides plenty of meat if you use it for that purpose. It’s a calm and friendly bird that is perfect for beginner bird owners.

Size: 6.6 – 7.5 pounds

8. Dominique Chicken

Dominique chicken
Image Credit: Pixabay

The Dominique chicken is a fluffy chicken that is also an expert egg layer. It’s a hardy survivor that rarely gets aggressive toward other animals or people, but it will require more space than many other breeds. It has an attractive hawk-like plumage, and its feathers were popular for stuffing pillows and mattresses in Colonial America.

Size: 5 – 7 pounds

9. Dorking

dorking chicken
Image Credit: Alicia Cooper, shutterstock

The Dorking chicken is a plump and fluffy chicken that many owners use for meat production, but you can also find them at award shows. It requires a lot of space to roam free, but it rarely gets aggressive toward other birds. Dorking chickens enjoy incubating eggs and will often prefer sitting on them to laying them.

Size: 8 – 15 pounds

10. Langshan

Image Credit: Snezana Vasilijevic, Shutterstock

The Langshan chicken is another plump and fluffy chicken that’s quite active and will require ample space to run. It’s calm and friendly toward other people and animals, and many owners remark on its high level of intelligence. It has feathered legs and feet and can grow to nearly 3 feet tall.

Size: 5 – 8 pounds

11. Russian Orloff

Russian Orloff chicken
Image Credit: Maksim Shchur, Shutterstock

The Russian Orloff chicken is a large meat-producing chicken that you can also use to lay eggs. It has thick fluffy feathers and can withstand cold temperatures. However, it will require a cool area during the hot summer to escape the heat.

Size: 7 – 9 pounds

12. Sultan

Sultan Chicken
Image Credit: Consolvo Images, Shutterstock

The Sultan chicken is one of the more unique chicken breeds with feathers covering its feet. The Sultan is, in fact, the larger version of the Sultan Bantam. It will lay eggs, but owners primarily keep them as show birds to win award shows. It’s very calm, easy to care for, and you can even keep them as a pet.

Size: 5 – 6 pounds

13. Yokohama

Yokohama chicken
Image Credit: Minakryn Rusian, Shutterstock

Its long feathers make the Yokohama chicken easily identifiable. Owners usually raise this breed as trophy birds, but they require ample space to run and can also be quite aggressive toward other animals and even people. This breed is best for experienced bird keepers.

Size: 4 – 5.5 pounds



As you can see, there are quite a few fluffy chicken breeds. We recommend the Silkie, Sultan Bantam, or the full-sized Sultan if you want something really fluffy, but the other options are also good. The only chicken breed we would recommend new owners avoid is the Yokohama breed because it requires a large area and can get aggressive toward people. It’s better to have some experience before owning this chicken.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide and found a chicken suitable for your home or farm. If you have discovered a breed that you have not heard of, please share this guide to the 13 fluffiest chicken breeds on Facebook and Twitter.

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