Finches make lively virtually “hassle-free” little companions!

Finches are very neat, they are also quiet and easy to care for. A perfect pet for people with limited space and time. Unlike a parrot, a finch does not require daily interactive attention.

The keeping of finches is a worldwide hobby! These delightful little birds are found native throughout the world and there are hundreds of species. Finches are very attractive and active. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and personalities. Some have been kept as pets for over 500 years!


Finches are very hardy, give them a good home and enjoy their antics!

Gouldian Finch

multicoloured gouldian finch bird
Image Credit: Four Oaks, Shutterstock

Poephila gouldiae

Pintail Whydah

Pin-tailed Whydah bird
Image Credit: Albie Bredenhann, Shutterstock

Vidua macroura

Red-headed Parrot Finch

a red head parrot finch bird
Image Credit: Bespaliy, Shutterstock

Erythrura psittacea

Society Finch

a pair of Society Finch birds
Image Credit: Dorota Photography, Shutterstock

Lonchura domestica

Spice Finch

spice finch bird perched
Image Credit: Karel Bartik, Shutterstock

Lonchura punctulata

Strawberry Finch

Strawberry Finch bird perched on a branch
Image Credit: Wanchai Haemaprasit, Shutterstock

Amandava amandava

Zebra Finch

male zebra finch perched on a rope
Image Credit: Petr Ganaj, Shutterstock

Poephila guttata castanotis

Featured Image Credit: Dušan veverkolog, Unsplash