Cats can be wild little critters (or at least they think they are). Maybe you’re looking for a name that expresses your cat’s wild personality. Or, maybe your cat isn’t wild per se, but is exotic-looking or is just of a rare breed or color pattern and regular old names just don’t seem to fit. If you’re looking for a wild or exotic name for your cat, then look no further because we’ve compiled a list of 125 of our favorites.

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Exotic and Wild Male Cat Names

If you have a male cat, then check out these exotic and wild names for male cats. You’re sure to find one that meets your little jungle cat’s fierce personality or appearance.

  • Achilles—a warrior and hero of the Trojan War in Greek mythology.
  • Asher—a Hebrew name meaning ‘happy’ and ‘blessed’.
  • Anubis—the god of the dead in ancient Egypt.
  • Axel—Scandinavian word associated with peace.
  • Bagheera—the Hindi word for panther or leopard, also one of the main characters in The Jungle Book.
  • Genghis—a conqueror who founded the Mongolian empire.
  • Hans—a Dutch name meaning graciousness.
  • Hercules—a name often associated with strength, especially in Roman mythology.
  • Katze—the German word for cat.
  • Kot—the Russian word for cat.
  • Lazarus—a name often associated with rising from the dead.
  • Leonidas—Greek war leader and king of Sparta.
  • Mercury—Roman god of shopkeepers, merchants, thieves, and tricksters.
  • Moses—a name meaning ‘deliver’ or ‘draw out’ in Hebrew and one of the most important prophets.
  • Mufasa—Swahili word meaning ‘King’, a main character in The Lion King.
  • Napoleon—French military and political leader during the French Revolution.
  • Ninja—a Japanese martial artist skilled in ninjutsu, a great name for a black cat.
  • Odin or Woden—Norse god of war and protector of heroes.
  • Orion—a strong hunter in Greek mythology.
  • Phoenix—a mythical bird that purportedly rose from the ashes after being burned.
  • Raptor—some of the most ferocious of dinosaurs.
  • Rex—Latin word meaning ‘King’.
  • Rasputin—a mystical advisor to Czar Nicholas II turned into a controversial figure in Russian history.
  • Saber/Sabre—a heavy sword with a curved blade.
  • Samurai—Japanese warrior yielding a very sharp sword.
  • Shere Khan—Shere is the Persian word for tiger and Khan is the Arabic word for Lord, also a character in The Jungle Book.
  • Simba—Zimbabwean for power and strength, also the main character in The Lion King.
  • Sylvester—a cartoon cat, or pair with Stallone for the star of the Rocky.
  • Thor—the Norse god of thunder, lightning, and storms.
  • Zeus—the god of the sky and the most powerful Greek god.
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Exotic and Wild Female Cat Names

There are many female cat names that are just as exotic, wild, and beautiful as your sweet feline friend while still being fierce. Here are 30 of our favorites.

  • Akila—an Egyptian word meaning ‘intelligent’.
  • Amani—the Swahili word for peace.
  • Ambrosia—a Greek word meaning ‘immortality’.
  • Amorita—a Latin word meaning ‘dearly loved’ or ‘little love’.
  • Annipe—a Nile River nymph loved by the god Poseidon.
  • Antoinette—named after Marie Antoinette, former queen of France.
  • Aphrodite—the Greek goddess of love and beauty.
  • Calliope—a Muse who presides over eloquence and poetry in Greek mythology.
  • Farrah—named after the actress Farrah Fawcett.
  • Flavia—an Italian word meaning ‘yellow’ or ‘golden’.
  • Fleur—a French word meaning ‘flower’.
  • Hera—the Greek goddess of women, marriage, and family.
  • Jemimah or Jemima— a Hebrew word meaning ‘dove’.
  • Joan—after Joan of Arc, a saint and heroine of France during the Hundred Years’ War.
  • Kali—a Sanskrit word meaning ‘energetic,’ also the name of the Hindu goddess of time, change, and empowerment.
  • Katana—a type of Japanese sword with a curved blade.
  • Lotus—a type of flower that symbolizes purity and enlightenment.
  • Malkia—the Swahili word for queen.
  • Minerva—goddess of wisdom and war in Roman mythology.
  • Nadia—a Russian name meaning ‘hope’.
  • Naomi—Hebrew word meaning ‘pleasantness’.
  • Neema—the Swahili word for grace.
  • Nefertiti—an ancient Egyptian queen.
  • Nova—a name often associated with stars and astronomy, meaning ‘new’ in Latin.
  • Pandora—the first woman in Greek mythology who was responsible for releasing the ills of humanity into the world.
  • Priya—a Sanskrit word meaning beloved.
  • Svana—a Scandinavian word meaning ‘swan-like’. This is a great name for white or graceful kitties.
  • Svetlana—a Slavic name meaning ‘light,’ also associated with brightness and holiness.
  • Ua—the Swahili word for flower.
  • Venus—the goddess of love, beauty, and desire in Roman mythology.
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Other Names Associated With Mythology

Names associated with mythology are often some of the most exotic names there. In addition to the names covered above, here are some of our favorite exotic names associated with Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Roman, and even some of the less common mythologies.

  • Amon—the king of the gods in Egyptian mythology.
  • Apollo—the god of music, poetry, and truth in Roman mythology.
  • Ares—the god of war in Greek mythology.
  • Artemis—the Greek goddess of hunting and animals.
  • Athena—the goddess of wisdom and defense in Greek mythology.
  • Brigit—Celtic goddess of the arts, prophecy, and divination.
  • Danu—the Celtic earth-mother goddess.
  • Demeter—the goddess of agriculture in Greek mythology.
  • Diana—the Roman goddess of hunting and animals.
  • Dionysus—the god of pleasure and wine in Greek mythology.
  • Freya—the goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology.
  • Hades—the god of the underworld in Greek mythology.
  • Heimdall—the watchman and guard of the gods in Norse mythology.
  • Hephaestus—the god of metalworking and sculpture in Greek mythology.
  • Horus—an Egyptian god who represented both power and healing.
  • Isis—the Egyptian goddess of life and magic.
  • Juno—the goddess of women and fertility in Roman mythology.
  • Jupiter—the king of the gods in Roman mythology.
  • Kanaloa—God of the underworld and ruler of the ocean in Hawaiian mythology.
  • Kane—the highest of the Hawaiian gods and father of living creatures.
  • Loki—a mischievous and shape-shifting god in Norse mythology.
  • Morrigan—the goddess of war in Celtic mythology.
  • Osiris—the Egyptian god of fertility and the underworld.
  • Pele—the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and fire.
  • Poliahu—the Hawaiian goddess of snow.
  • Poseidon—the Greek god of the sea.
  • Ra—the Egyptian sun god.
  • Sia—the Egyptian goddess of the mind and wisdom.
  • Vesta—the goddess of hearth and home in Roman mythology.
  • Vulcan—the god of blacksmiths and volcanoes in Roman mythology.
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Other Exotic and Wild Names

To finish out our list, here are some additional names in different languages that sound exotic or wild and their meanings in case you didn’t find one you liked above. These are all words that we think can be used to describe your cat or an aspect of your cat’s personality.

  • Ahava—Hebrew word meaning ‘love’.
  • Akamai—Hawaiian word meaning ‘smart’ or ‘clever’.
  • Ali’i—Hawaiian word meaning ‘chief’.
  • Aloha—Hawaiian word for ‘love’.
  • Amal—Arabic word meaning ‘hope’.
  • Ananda—Sanskrit word meaning ‘bliss’.
  • Ankh—an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol meaning ‘life’.
  • Anuenue—Hawaiian word meaning ‘rainbow’.
  • Bhakti—Sanskrit word meaning ‘love and devotion’.
  • Bodhi—Sanskrit name meaning ‘enlightenment’.
  • Hanohano—Hawaiian word meaning ‘glorious’ or ‘noble’.
  • Hau’oli—Hawaiian word meaning ‘happy’.
  • Hoku—Hawaiian word meaning ‘star’.
  • Ka—Egyptian word used to describe the soul or what makes something unique.
  • Kika—Hawaiian word meaning ‘tiger’.
  • Kipi—Hawaiian word meaning ‘rebellion’.
  • Koa—Hawaiian word meaning ‘brave warrior’.
  • Ma’at—Egyptian word used to describe the principle of balance.
  • Mahaba/Mapenzi—variations of the word ‘love’ in Swahili.
  • Mahina—Hawaiian word meaning ‘moon’.
  • Makamae—Hawaiian word meaning ‘precious’.
  • Mo’i—Hawaiian word for ‘queen’ or ‘king’.
  • Nala/Nahla—both are Swahili words for gift.
  • Namaste—Sanskrit word meaning ‘I bow to you.’
  • Neshama—Hebrew word meaning ‘soul’.
  • Paka—Swahili word for cat.
  • Po—Hawaiian word for ‘night’ or ‘darkness’.
  • Pua-Hawaiian word for ‘flower’.
  • Rafiki—Swahili word meaning ‘friend’ who is also a character in The Lion King.
  • Rahma—Arabic word meaning ‘kindness’.
  • Sadeeq—the Arabic word for ‘friend’.
  • Satya—Sanskrit word meaning ‘truthfulness’.
  • Shamayim—Hebrew word meaning ‘sky’.
  • Simka—Hebrew word meaning ‘happiness’.
  • Sphinx—creature in Egyptian mythology with the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh or god.
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How to Name Your Cat

Naming a pet can be a hard decision because the name has to feel just right as well as suit your cat well. If you can’t decide on a name, here are some suggestions to help you choose.

One of the easiest things to do is base your cat’s name on his or her appearance. Take an aspect of your cat’s appearance, such as the coat color or pattern, and choose a name that fits with it. For example, a striped cat could be named Tiger. Or if you want a more exotic name or wild name, try Shere Khan for a boy or Kika for a girl, both of which mean tiger.

You can also take some time to learn your cat’s personality before naming it. If your cat is the queen or king of your household, you might consider names such as Nefertiti, Mo’i, or Zeus. If you have an intelligent or female cat, try names such as Minerva or Sia which are both associated with wisdom. If you have a male cat with a warrior mentality, you might consider names like Achilles, Ninja, or Koa.

Even if you don’t choose a name from our list, you can take some of our themes and do an Internet search of your own names based on our suggestions above. It may take a little bit of patience and getting to know your cat, but eventually, you will find a name that you love and that suits your cat perfectly.

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Final Thoughts

Even if your cat isn’t of an exotic breed, he or she may have a personality that is quite wild or exotic. We hope that you were able to find a name or two that might work for your cat from our list of 125 names. But even if you weren’t, we hope it at least inspired you to come up with your own exotic, wild, and unique name that personifies your cat perfectly.

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