Goats are extremely useful animals. Goats can be raised for milk or for babies (kids), or they can also be raised to help reduce weeds or brush on a property. In some instances, goats are raised for meat and hide. In other instances, goats are kept as pets and are beloved members of the family. Whatever your reason for wanting goats, you are going to need some basic supplies to get you started.

These are the essential supplies, with product recommendations, to get you started with a new goat. If you follow these tips, you will have everything you need to raise a goat.

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The 20 Essential Goat Supplies


1. Collar

GINDOOR Goat Collars with Bell

Many people choose to put a collar on their goats. Collars help you be able to catch, identify, and find your goats when they are roaming in a pasture. Without a collar, identifying a goat for medical attention, trimming, or examination can be difficult. The GINDOOR Goat Collars with Bell provides you with a durable outdoor collar with a bell. The bell will help keep your goats within earshot and may even help dissuade other curious animals from getting too close.

Please note that if you have multiple goats, you should opt for ear tags instead, as they may chew on each other’s collar.

2. Leash

Hamilton Pet & Equine Hamilton Nylon Goat Lead with Brass Snap

It is a good idea to have some sort of leash or lead for your goat for when you need it. If you have a collar on your goat, you can easily grab them with a leash. A leash, or lead, can help you move your goat from pen to pen or hold them during a visit from the vet. The Hamilton Pet & Equine Hamilton Nylon Goat Lead is a strong lead that is not too long and will work with nearly any collar. You can also use a standard dog leash if you do not want to buy a dedicated goat lead.

3. Rope Cattle Halter

Weaver Leather Stierwalt Breaking Halter

Another useful piece of equipment to have on hand is a cattle halter. These rope halters make it easy to catch and secure your goats. Cattle halters are easy to use and can be stored outdoors. The Weaver Leather Stierwalt Breaking Halter is an excellent rope halter that will work for goats. These halters are easily adjustable and can save you from trouble if your goat slips its collar or leash. You can use the halter to catch and secure your goat without a collar or leash on hand.

Food and Water

4. Grain

Purina Animal Nutrition Goat Grower

Goats do not usually need grain after they have reached adulthood (provided they are getting enough grazing space and or hay.) However, young goats do need grain to help facilitate their growth. In addition, goats that are pregnant, nursing, being used for milk production, or being raised for meat production might need grains to supplement their diet.

If you have young goats or are trying to put weight on a goat, you could consider using Purina Animal Nutrition Goat Grower 50 lb. This is a specialized feed that is designed to give your goat everything they need for healthy growth. Note that if your goats are overweight, you should consult a veterinarian before offering them supplements.

5. Treats

Manna Pro Goat Treats

Treats are a great way to bond with your goat. They are also a good way to help train your goat or lure your goat to be caught. Manna Pro Goat Treats are natural goat treats made from oatmeal that are healthy and affordable. These treats are licorice flavored and will easily entice your goat to come closer when you need them to.

6. Electrolyte Mix

Manna Pro Goat Electrolytes Supplement

If you live in a hot area, you will likely need to provide your goats with an electrolyte booster. Electrolytes help keep your goats hydrated during hot, dry periods of weather. It also can entice goats to drink when they are ill or unwell. Manna Pro Goat Electrolytes Supplement is an easy-to-use electrolyte supplement that can quickly boost your goat’s hydration.

7. Mineral Block

Kalmbach Feeds Vitamin & Mineral Goat Supplement

Goats will also need a source of minerals to remain healthy. Do not neglect the mineral needs of your goat. Many people remember to get hay and water for their goats, but not everyone always remembers the mineral block, but it is important to have. For a formulated mineral block made specifically for goat anatomy, there is the Kalmbach Feeds Vitamin & Mineral Goat Supplement. This mineral block should be put in your goat’s home area so that they can lick or nibble on it as needed.


8. Hay Feeder

Rugged Ranch SGGBF Wall Mounted Rustproof Galvanized Steel

Using a hay feeder reduces waste and helps you track how much hay your goats are eating on a given day. Hay feeders are extremely useful. We recommended using the Rugged Ranch SGGBF Wall Mounted Rustproof Galvanized Steel Goat Livestock Hay Feeder. This is a simple feeder that you can mount to a post or a wall that easily holds hay from the top. It is strong and made from metal so you can leave it outside without worrying about it.

9. Mineral Feeder

LBH Market Small Plastic 4lb Mineral Salt Block Holder

If you leave a mineral block on the ground, it can dissolve, break apart, and disappear into the soil. The LBH Market Small Plastic 4lb Mineral Salt Block Holder helps keep your mineral block intact so your goats can make the most of it. Ensure the mineral block holder you purchase can accommodate the weight of your mineral block. You can also get a mineral block holder that can be attached to a post.

10. Grain Tub

Tuff Stuff Products Tuff Short Flex Tub Farm Animal Feeder

If you feed your goat grain, you will need a strong rubber tub to put it in. The Tuff Stuff Products Tuff Short Flex Tub Farm Animal Feeder is also very affordable, and you can easily buy multiple if you need to.

11. Water Bucket

Indipets Heavy Duty Pail with Hooks

Metal water buckets are great because they are sturdy, and they don’t leach plastic into the water. The Indipets Heavy Duty Pail with Hooks is a versatile water bucket that can hang on a fence, be set on the ground, or be mounted to a wall. The hooks and the handle make it easy to use this bucket in a variety of different situations.

Health and Wellness

12. Drencher

20ML Syringe Drencher with 3 Drench Nozzle Goat Syringe Adjustable Dosage Reusable Syringe for Goat

Many goat medicines and supplements are provided in liquid form. That makes a drencher a must have. Drenchers are similar to syringes, but they are generally easier to use for people who aren’t medical experts. The 20ML Syringe Drencher with 3 Drench Nozzle Goat Syringe has everything you need to give your goats liquid medications. A good drencher is very useful, and this one is effective and affordable.

13. Hoof Clippers

Hoof Trimmers Goat Hoof Trimming Shears Nail Clippers

Goats need their hooves trimmed periodically. Hoof health is integral to your goat’s overall health. Goat trimmers are sharp shears that are designed to safely clip your goat’s hooves and keep them from getting too long and out of hand. The Hoof Trimmers Goat Hoof Trimming Shears are a great pair that are sharp and easy to use.

Ensure you ask your vet for a demonstration on how to trim your goat’s hooves if you aren’t sure of the process.

14. Brush

Weaver Livestock Barn Brush

Sometimes, goats need a good brushing. This is especially true if they live in a pasture where they can pick up weeds or seeds. A solid brush can knock off dirt and plants that get stuck to your goat’s fur. The Weaver Livestock Barn Brush is a great brush that will work perfectly for goats of any size. This brush is affordable, and many people stock up on two or three at a time.

15. Shampoo

Hepper Colloidal Oatmeal Pet Shampoo

Goats are fairly clean and low-maintenance animals that don’t need to be bathed often. It’s only necessary to bathe a goat if they are really dirty or start to stink. For those instances, we like the Hepper Colloidal Oatmeal Pet Shampoo. This shampoo has a refreshing cucumber and aloe scent, it’s made with natural ingredients, and it’s affordable. It’s also safe to use on other pets as well, especially cats and dogs.

At Pet Keen, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

16. Nutrient Drench

Nutri-Drench Goat and Sheep

One way to boost your goat’s health is to give them a nutrient drench. Nutrient drench is great for helping your goat get over an illness or giving a boost to young goats to help their growth and development. The Nutri-Drench Goat and Sheep is a great product that is easy to squirt into your goat’s mouth. With the Nutri-Drench Goat and Sheep, you won’t need to use a syringe or drencher to get your goats the nutrients they need.

17. Enzyme Cleaner

Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator

As we mentioned before, coats are fairly clean animals and don’t need to make a lot of messes. However, frequently cleaning the shelter of any animal is necessary for their health and well-being. If you do need to clean up tougher messes, we like the Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator Spray. This spray works on fabrics and hard surfaces and is great for cleaning up urine and feces and can help get rid of odors. It also has a neutral scent to avoid simply masking odors.

At Pet Keen, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!

Shade and Shelter

18. Goat House

PRECISION PET PRODUCTS Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House

Goats love having a house to go into when it is rainy or cold. Goats will curl up in a house when they are young, and they will also use a house when they are older if the house is big enough. The PRECISION PET PRODUCTS Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House is a durable cedar dog house that is perfect for goats. It can be installed outside near your shade shelter or barn and is perfect for housing small or young goats.

19. Shade Covering

Beimo Dog Shade Shelter Outdoor Tent

If you plan on keeping your goats outside in the sun, you need to provide them shade. Shade is especially important in warm climates. The Beimo Dog Shade Shelter Outdoor Tent provides your goats with a simple and safe place to hang out and get out of the sun. This simple shade will allow you to quickly install it outside and give your goats an instant patch of shade to cool off under. Shade is one of the key things that is needed to keep animals safe and healthy while outside.

20. Goat Crate

New World Newly Enhanced Single Door New World Dog Crate

When you think of goats, you usually don’t think of dog crates, but dog crates are an essential thing to have if you get goats. Unless you have a livestock trailer, you will have to transport your goats via a dog crate. If you don’t have a crate, you won’t be able to transport your goat if they need to go to another barn, property, or to the vet. The New World Pet Products Newly Enhanced Dog Crate is a large crate capable of fitting young goats and small goats. Goats will ride in a wire crate in the back of a car or truck for transport if they need it.

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Consider the Plan for Your Goats

Depending on what you plan on doing with your goats, you might need additional supplies. If you plan on breeding your goats and using goat’s milk, you will need different things like a milking stand, bedding, and gloves to deal with the kids. If you have goats with horns, you might need a way to trim or file their horns if they get out of whack. If you plan on showing your goats, you might also need additional grooming supplies like clippers or shampoo to keep them shiny, trimmed, and looking their best. Your final plans and goals for your goat can make your needs slightly different from those of someone else. So, keep that in mind when you are gathering your supplies and your necessities.

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These items will give you the essentials you need to take care of a goat. From food to health to shelter, everything is covered here. You might need a few additional things depending on your individual goat and your goals, but these essentials cover all of the basics and all of the most common bases.

Featured Image Credit: joolsazzy96, Pixabay