Brown Triggerfish

White-tailed Trigger, White-tip Triggerfish

Picture of a Brown Triggerfish
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the triggerfish that you have listed as a brown trigger is more known as the white tailed trigger. it is very agressive, much like the undulated trigger. although I... (more)  kevin hill

   Like the Bursa Triggerfish, be sure you keep the Brown Triggerfish well fed. Also make sure it has plenty of space, and a cave or rock formation where it can retreat to.

   We are not sure exactly what the scientific name for the Brown Triggerfish is. The texts previous to 1990 list this and the Bursa triggers in the genus Suflamens, while newer texts list the Bursa as Balistes. We are assuming that the Brown Triggerfish is also listed as Balistes now, since we can't find it in any of the newer texts.

   Fish in this genus have been known to be possible troublemakers. Ways to keep a peaceful tank is to house appropriate fish together that have similar needs and can hold their own. In this case larger protein eaters such as groupers, surgeonfishes, and basses. Some eels and puffers can be appropriate too.

For more Information on keeping this fish see:
Guide to a Happy, Healthy Marine Aquarium

Whitetail Triggerfish aka Bluethroat Triggerfish (Sufflamen albicaudatus) displaying
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Possibly a male and female courting

This video shows two Whitetail Triggerfish displaying in the wild. Looking closely, it seems as if one is male as noted by the blue throat area and one is female. She seems smaller and less colorful and the posturing is not typical of territory disputing. This fish is also known as the Bluethroat Triggerfish, however most people do not use this name referring to Sufflamen albicaudatus, since the most commonly known use of this name is saved for the Bluechin (or some call Bluethroat) Triggerfish (Xanthichthys automarginatus). The Sufflamen genus is less aggressive than some of the others, however it is still not reef safe, unlike like the Xanthichthys genus. House your Whitetail in a tank that is at least 180 gallons, since they are VERY active swimmers.

Whitetail Triggerfish, Blue Throat Triggerfish, Sufflamen albicaudatum
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White Tailed Trigger in the wild

Although labels by the videographer, this video is actually a video of Sufflamen chrysopterus (Halfmoons or Whitetip Trigger), not S. albicaudatum. However, since the size is so similar and coloring is almost the same we put this up so you could hear the grunting noise they make! Although the official FISHBASE.ORG name for Sufflamen albicaudatum is "Blue Throat Triggerfish," most aquarists tend to go by the name Whitetail Triggerfish. The male White Tailed Triggerfish has the blue throat in this species and the female is more drab. They will not bother large stinging anemones like the Carpet Anemone. They will learn who brings dinner and will vocalize with a grunting sound as stated above.

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Maintenance difficulty:    The Brown Triggerfish is easy to keep. Triggers are among the hardiest of all marine fish.

Maintenance:    Feed all kinds of live, frozen, and flake foods. Best to feed small amounts several times a day. We generally feed squid, shrimp (the same kind people eat), mussels, and all kinds of chopped up fish.

Habitat: Natural geographic location:    Brown Triggerfish are found in the Indo-Pacific.

Foods:    All kinds of meaty foods including starfish and sea urchins.

Social Behaviors:    We are not sure about this fish since we have never kept this one.

Sex: Sexual differences:    Unknown.

Light: Recommended light levels:    No special requirements.

Temperature:    No special requirements. Normal temperatures for marine fish is between 74 and 79 degrees fahrenheit.

Length/Diameter of fish:    Brown Triggerfish adults can grow to 25 cm (10 inches).

Minimum Tank Length/Size:    A minimum 60 gallon aquarium is recommended.

Water Movement: Weak, Moderate, Strong    No special requirements.

Water Region: Top, Middle, Bottom    No special requirements.

Availability:    This fish is generally available from time to time.

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kevin hill - 2004-07-24
the triggerfish that you have listed as a brown trigger is more known as the white tailed trigger. it is very agressive, much like the undulated trigger. although I think that it is not as agressive. the white tail does have alot of personality much like the huma trigger.

Pipo - 2004-04-30
The brown trigger has several kinds namely the white-tail and the white-tip. They differ only in the placement of the white color on their tails but share the same color and with white lips. I have been keeping white-tails for more than a month now and they are very active fishes. They may not be as colorful as the blue-throat trigger but definitely a grazer.