Cave Goby

Transparent Goby

Family: Gobiidae Picture of a Cave Goby or Transparent Goby, Coryphopterus glaucofenumCoryphopterus glaucofraenumPhoto © Animal-World: Courtesy David Brough

   The Cave Goby or Transparent Goby has a very interesting coloration (or lack of) and is a great addition to a reef setup!

   Most of the Coryphopterus are somewhat transparent like the Cave Goby or Transparent Goby, and most are smaller fish in the 3-5 cm range.

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  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Actinopterygii
  • Order: Perciformes
  • Family: Gobiidae
  • Genus: Coryphopterus
  • Species: glaucofraenum
Bridled / Colon-tail Goby Coryphopterus glaucofrenum

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The Bridled or Colon-Tail Goby in the wild.

This is a great example of the habitat the Bridled or Colon-tail Goby is found in. It is curious, though wary of the diver, making quick darts and stops, typical of a goby. You can see the DISTINCT ":" colon shape in brownish black at the base of the tail, and if you freeze the video, you can see that mid-eye bar that runs horizontally from the eye to the beginning of the pectoral fin. This is a pale version, lacking the brown "X" markings on the body, but has orange, tan and iridescent blue and white spotting! They only reach 3" so they are great in a nano, and happy in larger tanks as well, as long as the tank mates are peaceful, or not paid attention to by upper level swimmers.

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Maintenance difficulty:    The Cave Goby or Transparent Goby is easy to keep, they are ideal for a reef environment. Provide plenty of caves and hiding places.

Maintenance/Foods:    This fish is a typical goby eating small crustaceans and other small marine organisms. Live brine is ideal for the aquarium.

Habitat: Natural geographic location:   Western Atlantic: North Carolina, USA and Bermuda to Cabo San Roque, Brazil; throughout the Caribbean Sea.

Social Behaviors:    Typical goby behavior, they are peaceful with other fish and only come out to eat.

Sex: Sexual differences:   We have found no information although most male gobies have a longer dorsal fin.

Breeding/Reproduction:    We have found no information at this time (10/01/99).

Light: Recommended light levels:    No special requirements.

Temperature:    No special requirements. Normal temperatures for marine fish is between 74 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Length/Diameter of fish:    Cave Goby or Transparent Goby adults can grow to 2.5-5.0 cm (1-2 inches).

Minimum Tank Length/Size:    A minimum 20 gallon aquarium is recommended.

Water Movement: Weak, Moderate, Strong    No special requirements.

Water Region: Top, Middle, Bottom    Usually spends most of its' time on rockwork or live rock near the bottom. A bottom dweller.

Availability:    This fish is rarely available and is moderately expensive.

Author: David Brough. CFS.
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