Metallic and shimmering, nothing is more striking than an Iridescent Plated Catfish!

Looking for a regal beauty, and a bottom cleaner to boot? Go for the Emerald Catfish. Depending on the light, this fish can appear an iridescent blue or an emerald green.

The Emerald Green Cory looks like a hefty catfish. Typical of its genus, Corydoras, it has a full robust form in length, height and width, but it is actually a pretty small fish. The largest female will grow to about 3 1/2 inches but most will only reach 3 inches or slightly less.


Despite its size, it is very peaceful and a great community fish. It gets along with just about everybody as long as its companions are also fairly peaceful and are not too large. Yet because they are very gregarious and sociable, they do have to be kept in a fairly large school. A single fish simply won’t survive. They need at least 6 of their kin to group with, and are even happier if there are 10 or more.

This catfish is very hardy and tolerant, making it an awesome fish for the beginner. It’s a great little bottom scavenger though not quite as active as the smaller species. Its snout extends more than most Corydoras too, but like the others it helps keep the tank by using its barbels to search out hidden morsels in the substrate.

These guys are awesome! To add sparkle to your aquarium, a gorgeous school of Emerald Green Cory will do the trick. Just make sure you have a gallon tank to keep these fellows happy. Then enjoy the scene, and the help at keeping the tank clean!

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Clarice Brough is a team member at Animal-World and has contributed many articles and write-ups.