A dramatic duo of spitfire damsels that bring zip into the aquarium!

Pick your stripes and you’re on your way to a tank of flash and pizzazz.

These two Dascyllus damsels are awesome looking as juveniles and as adults. They are some of the few damsel species that keep the same high contrast color pattern throughout their entire lives.

The Three Stripe Damsel and Four Stripe Damselfish are quick, active, and very durable saltwater aquarium fish. Either one can be added to the reef tank as well, because they won’t mess with any of the corals and they leave pretty much all invertebrates at peace as well. They are actually a benefit to small polyp stony corals, and the only things they may snack on any tiny crustaceans they find and maybe some of the decorator shrimp.

A school of juveniles brings lots of dynamics into the tank. They look so very cool as they dash in and about the rock work, or hover above a real or artificial coral. The only problem with these two is that as they grow, they start to get really aggressive!

Adults are so cantankerous that they need to be kept singly, that is unless the tank is large and has lots of caves and crevices in the rockwork or among corals.

These two can’t be kept together either, nor can they be kept with any other damselfish. They are simply too tenacious and territorial. Other companions will have to be every bit as belligerent as well, to even hang out in the same tank.

Both of these species are so hardy that they make excellent beginner fish. But their tank has to be sized for their attitude and their tank mates chosen with great care.

As long as you’re aware of their aggressive nature at maturity and are ready to deal with that, you will be rewarded with a fish that is an awesome dynamo in your aquarium!

Learn more about these striking Damselfish! See pictures and get more information on the Three Stripe Damsel Dascyllus aruanus and the Four Stripe Damselfish Dascyllus melanurus along with their aquarium care, behaviors and breeding!

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Clarice Brough is a team member at Animal-World and has contributed many articles and write-ups.