Duckweed is an extremely easy-floating plant to keep! It is readily adaptable, hardy, and fast-growing.

Because duckweed is such a fast-growing plant it often is considered a pest because it can completely take over an aquarium in as little as a week if given good care. It has no specific care requirements and just needs basic care such as some light and proper nutrients present. Duckweed has oval leaves that are light green in color and about 0.12 inches or 3 millimeters long.

Duckweed is often chosen as a good ornamental plant for the surface of an aquarium, especially if kept with other floating plants. Thinning it regularly is recommended so that it does not completely take over the aquarium. Giant Vallisneria do well in a mixture of fine sand with a medium light level.


   Duckweed can be found worldwide.

Water conditions

   Temperature: 50-86° F (10-30° C)
   pH: 5.5 – 7.5
   dCH: 2 – 12


   Light level: minimal


   Duckweed propagates by simple division of existing plants.


   Duckweed is readily available.

Featured Image Credit: Sorakrai Tangnoi, Shutterstock