Now here’s a striking looking fish, but the Domino Damsel is also a fish with attitude!

This damsel is so darn good looking with its bold pattern and unusual body shape. The brilliant white spot on a strong black background has earned it the name “domino!” Add to that its dynamic body shape and active nature, and you’ll quickly find yourself wanting a few of them adorning your aquarium.

These guys are very hardy and easy to feed, and are inexpensive to boot. Having an adult size of around 5 inches, they could conceivably be kept in a moderately sized aquarium as well. With all these great qualities they can be recommended for a beginning saltwater aquarist. But hold on a minute before you make the decision to buy!

All that stuff is very true, and a school of these cute little fellows is truly a pleasure to behold. But there are a few little caveats that you don’t want to miss. These guys get darn aggressive as they get older, and they lose their bold “domino” patterning.

In a short amount of time, your adorable little “domino” school is gone, and you’re left with one tough dude who owns his tank. The only other fish that can get along with it will have to be equally belligerent and able to hold their own. Even aggressive fish added to the tank after this fish has become established and full grown, will be attacked.


Getting a Domino Damsel is a mixed blessing. It can be a great fish in the right aquarium, even a beginner’s tank, as long as you plan.

It is still a handsome fish in its adult colors, and the aggression can be balanced with a careful selection of tank mates. Bullying can be reduced even better in a larger tank and by offering plenty of feedings each day!

Feeding it is easy because it has a hearty appetite. This guy is not shy about enjoying a good meal! It will readily eat most nutritious aquarium fare and is extremely durable in varying tank conditions. With the proper aquarium and companions, and lots of good foods or course, it can live a long happy life!

Learn more about this striking Damselfish! See pictures and get more information on the Domino Damsel Dascyllus trimaculatus, along with its aquarium care, behaviors and breeding!

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Clarice Brough is a team member at Animal-World and has contributed many articles and write-ups.