The dog with the funny name is anything but. Weimaraners are a breed built for spending time with their masters on the hunt. If you like the great outdoors, then this may be the dog for you.


This breed got its start in Germany. It has always been a noble hunting dog, chasing rabbits, birds, foxes and the like. Their sleek features make them perfect for running fast and exhibiting stealth when necessary. Over the years, this dog has been bred for hunting under the strict guidance of the German Weimaraner club.

The breed came to America when a sportsman from Rhode Island applied and was accepted into membership at the now exclusive German Weimaraner club. He successfully bred females with a puppy that was sent to him.

male silver weimaraner dog
Image Credit: Dmitry Veryovkin, Shutterstock


This dog is loyal, obedient and intelligent when trained properly. As a pup it is important to teach them that you are the leader. This dog loves to run. They are happiest when they are living indoors and outdoors. They can be headstrong and stubborn if cooped up in the house and not given a chance to exercise extensively outdoors.

They work best with children who are well behaved. A Weimaraner will seek out their master or other human family members who are most like it – dominant and in control. Socialization works well with other dogs but not with cats. They are not weak dogs and have no tolerance for weak people. This personality trait has helped them to become excellent watchdogs and family protectors.


Once called the “gray ghost”, its coat is short and close to the body. What makes this dog stand out is the shiny gray color of its coat, ranging from silver gray to a blue gray tint. He has a light eye color which complements his coat. He requires very little grooming beyond a weekly brushing and a monthly bathing to stay clean. As long as enough protein is provided in the diet, his coat will stay shiny.

Regular visits to the vet are recommended. This dog is prone to bloating so feed him a couple of small meals as opposed to one large meal or a full bowl that he can graze on throughout the day. Regular exercise can also help reduce this. Weimaraners are prone to hip dysplasia as well. Otherwise, they are rather healthy.

Weimaraner dog running in the park
Image Credit: jurra8, Shutterstock


Dogs need to know who is boss. Their instincts tell them that if there is not a dominant personality in the group then they must step up. To keep this dog from becoming the dominant personality, it is important to establish that the human owner is the leader from the puppy stage.

The Weimaraner responds well to firm training. They do not do well with harshness or yelling. Once they become weary of certain training techniques, they will not respond.

Weimaraners are excellent companions for sportsmen and those who love the outdoors. Read up on these dogs on Animal-World’s Weimaraner page.

Featured Image Credit: Atanas Teodosiev, Unsplash