Ducks are adorable little creatures. However, many think that ducks only quack and make no other noises. That isn’t exactly true since there are various noises ducks make, many of which actually have meanings.

In answer to the question above, yes, ducks purr. If you love ducks, you’ll want to know what those sounds are. We’ll talk about a few of the sounds in the article below.


What Sounds Does a Duck Make?

There are many sounds your duck makes, all of which have meanings.

1. Purring

Yes, ducks purr. If you have a pet duck that starts purring when you’re petting it, then that means you’re making the duck happy and content. Purring also implies that your duck wants you to continue with what you’re doing, which is petting it.

a Mottled Duck
Image Credit By: Steve Byland, Shutterstock

2. Honking

We’ve all heard a duck honk, but what does it mean? Female ducks honk, and it means she’s found a mate and is ready to build a nest.

3. Groaning

Groaning is another way that ducks talk. Groaning isn’t usually a good thing when it comes from a duck, no more than it is when it comes from a human. A duck groaning usually means it’s stressed, frustrated, or angry about something.

4. Barking

If you hear your pet duck barking, it usually means that the duck has something stuck in its throat. Since it may be dry material that it consumed, providing water should help. If it keeps up, however, it might be best to take the duck to the vet for treatment.

a duck with its beak open showing its teeth and tongue
Image Credit By: Sharon de Groot, Shutterstock

5. Whistling and Grunting

Grunts and whistles are how a male duck lets a female duck know it is impressed with her. Large groups of ducks have been known to do the grunting and whistling together, which is pretty impressive to watch if you ever see it.

6. Growling

When you hear a growling noise from your duck, it usually means they are ready to be fed, so make sure you have the food ready.


Wrap Up

The biggest and most famous sound a duck makes is the quack, which can be quite aggravating to anyone who owns one. However, they aren’t the only sounds that ducks make. They bark, grunt, purr, whistle, growl, and groan, meaning ducks are a bit more complicated than we initially thought.

If you have ducks, you’ve heard these sounds before. However, now you know what they mean and can impress your friends with your waterfowl vocalization knowledge

Featured Image Credit: BBA Photography, Shutterstock