Yes, chickens do eat wasps and bees. Like most insects, these two are nutritious for your hens.

Don’t worry; your hens will not be stung. As much as it is okay for the chicken to feed on these two insects, this article will look at them separately.

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Is it Safe for Chicken to Eat Bees?

From the point of the threat of poisoning to the coop, chickens are safe to eat bees. Since chickens have a thick plumage, they are less likely to be stung. Again, if a bee buzzes around your chicken, it will be gobbled up.

Bees are a good source of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. In fact, they are a delicacy in some parts of the world to human beings.

A swarm of bees on a yellow box
Image Credit: seagul, Pixabay

Bee Nest in Your Compound: What Should You Do?

If you discover a bee nest in your compound, the best thing is to contact pest control. These experts should check the type of bees in the nest and what to expect. There are many bee species globally, such as the honeybee, carpenter bee, bumblebee, mining bee, and killer bee.

Most of them are safe but can be dangerous in large numbers. Therefore, if you notice a bee nest in your compound, keep your chicken away until you seek professional advice.

Should You Trap Bees for Your Chicken?

Simply put—no! Bees are crucial on our planet. They play a significant role in pollinating around 80% of the plants in the world. Isn’t that great? However, the population of bees has been reducing significantly in the recent past.

Therefore, most governments have enacted laws to protect them. If your chicken feed on a few, it’s okay, but please don’t trap bees for them.

Is it Safe for Chicken to Feed on Wasps?

Your chicken can eat wasps, hornets, and other flying pests. Wasps can be a nuisance to you. Therefore, allowing your chicken to have a wasp snack is a win-win scenario as you will also protect your yard against unwanted pests.

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Wasps Health Benefits for Chickens

Just like all the other insects, wasps are nutritious. Wasps provide fats, protein, vitamins, and other minerals in your chickens’ diet. Chickens require a lot of proteins every day since it helps them to gain strong muscles and organs to function correctly.

Are Wasps Dangerous to Your Chicken?

No one is comfortable with a bussing wasp around them.  Wasps give painful stings. However, they are not poisonous unless you are allergic. Additionally, your chickens are less likely to be stung due to the protective layer of feathers.

Wasps are not offensive and could only be looking for food if you notice them around your home. You can either allow your chicken to catch the wasps while having fun at it, or you can trap them. Trapping wasps is essential as it also reduces flying pests in the compound. Of course, you must use pet-safe traps and avoid chemicals and pesticides.

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What Other Insects Do Chickens Eat?

Dark Fishing Spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus)
Image Credit: Jason Patrick Ross, Shutterstock

You can find insects in any garden or yard, especially if you have chicken. Yes, it may not be a problem, but what could be natural and appealing than a chicken dashing after a wasp or beetle? However, not all insects are great for snacks. Here are some other insects loved by chickens.


Centipedes are found in plants and dead logs. They have venom, but it’s not poisonous to your chicken. However, this venom can kill chicks and younger chickens. Chickens will most likely catch centipedes.


In the warm months, ladybugs are abundant in the garden and yard. Ladybugs are pests to every gardener. To protect your plants from these pests, allow your chicken to catch and eat them as they are a good source of protein.


There are thousands of spiders in the universe. Some are poisonous such as brown recluse and black widow, while others are not. The non-poisonous spiders are safe for your chicken and provide a good source of protein.

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Well, it is safe to say that feeding wasps to your chicken translate to a reduction in pests around you. However, you should know that wasps have similar characteristics, and it is crucial to identify the species in your compound. Most of them may be safe for your chicken, such as hornets and yellow jackets, while some are not.

On the other hand, bees are not pests, and governments should protect them. It is essential to differentiate between bees and other insects such as paper wasps. In the end, everybody should stretch to protect the bees; there are several insects for your chicken to munch up!

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