Chicken tractors are helpful places for your backyard chickens to live in, much like a miniature mobile home or trailer. A portable chicken coop allows you to move their home around, so as not to ruin the grass or ground underneath.

A home for chickens needs to have food and water, along with a roosting perch, a nesting box, and plenty of shade. It is also best if they have an area for them to range unless you intend to let them roam during the day, so they have more space.

Are you interested in making a chicken tractor? Try one of these 13 unique DIY designs to make the perfect chicken tractor for your backyard feathered friends.

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The 8 DIY Chicken Tractor Plans

1. Flat Top Chicken Wire Tractor

DIY Chicken Tractor
Image Credit: Natural Living Homestead

Chickens don’t require much vertical space. This chicken tractor is low to the ground and can easily be picked up and moved to another location. The chicken tractor is specifically for meat chickens because they are fed more and have less of a tendency to leave the ground.

The chicken tractor has a frame of wooden boards overlaid with chicken wire. Half of it is covered in corrugated metal so the chickens can stay in the shade when it’s hot.

2. Hoop Tractor

DIY Chicken Tractor
Image Credit: Backyard Chickens

This PVC hoop tractor is light enough to be easily picked up and moved even though it doesn’t have wheels. It is also easy, simple, and affordable to make. All you need are four boards for a rectangular frame, on which you will attach and loop the PVC pipes and overlay with chicken wire.

3. Fold-Flat Chicken Tractor

DIY Chicken Tractor
Image Credit: Hawk Hill

Although it is lightweight, the most attractive thing about this chicken tractor is that it can all fold away to make it easily transportable. This collapsible chicken tractor uses hinges to easily fold down, along with wood and chicken wire.

4. Tower-Style Chicken Tractor

This tower-style chicken tractor uses more vertical space if you don’t have as many chickens and less space in the backyard. It includes a roost and feeders to give your chickens everything that they need.

5. Chicken Lodge Chicken Tractor

DIY Chicken Tractor
Image Credit: Homesteading Family

Are you looking for a shady spot protected for your chickens and easily moved? This is an excellent solution for you. This chicken tractor uses corrugated steel as a roof over the entire coop with a wooden frame covered in chicken wire. One side has wheels, and the other has a rope so you can quickly move the chicken tractor.

6. Corrugated Steel Chicken Tractor

DIY Chicken Tractor
Image Credit: Little Country House

Are you looking for a different take on the typical wooden frame and chicken wire combination of a chicken tractor? This wooden bars and corrugated steel will give you another option for materials that you could use.

7. PVC A-Frame Chicken Tractor

PVC A-Frame Chicken Tractor
Image Credit: The Chicken Chick

Are you looking for the simplest solution to your chicken tractor needs? Use PVC pipes and chicken wire to whip up a quick structure where your chickens can live. It is so lightweight that you can easily pick it up. In fact, if you live in a windy area, you might need to peg it down.

8. Fancy Mobile Home for Chickens

DIY Chicken Tractor
Image Credit: Green Willow Homestead

Do you want a challenge? This chicken tractor combines almost all the design aspects. You can make a roost for your chickens. It is easily accessible from the outside, along with a shady spot for your chickens to rest. It also supplies the maximum amount of ground space under the roof of the chicken tractor.

Featured Image Credit: Natalie Board, Shutterstock