If you raise chickens, you know they can become bored if there aren’t enough entertaining things to do (especially on bad weather days when they’re stuck in the coop). A quick and easy remedy to chicken boredom is a chicken swing! You might have heard of these before as there’s an “official” chicken swing, but if not, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Instead of spending money on the official one, though, you can quickly and easily make your own. The majority of chicken swing plans involve materials you already have on hand and take only minutes to complete. Some are a bit more involved if you’re feeling adventurous, but overall, you can make a swing for your chicks in no time.

Read on for seven DIY chicken swings you can make today! They have various skill levels (though the majority are incredibly simple), so you should have no issue finding one you can make below.

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The 7 DIY Chicken Swing Plans

1. DIY Chicken Swing for your Chicken Coop by Farm House Fit Chick

DIY Chicken Swings
Image Credit: Farmhouse Fit Chick
Materials:Thick branch or piece of scrap wood, 2 long pieces of rope
Tools:Saw, drill, measuring tape, sandpaper
Difficulty Level:Easy

This simple chicken swing won’t take you long to make at all! You’ll want to cut your branch or scrap wood down to the length you want the swing seat to be before sanding down any rough edges to make it safer for your chickens. Then drill a hole on either end of the branch or wood and thread your rope through. Tie a knot above and below the hole, and you’re ready to hang it up inside their coop!

In a matter of minutes, your chicks will have a fun new place to hang out!

2. DIY Chicken Swing by Critter Boutique

Materials:Thick branch, weatherproof rope
Tools:Saw, drill, sandpaper
Difficulty Level:Easy

If you create better with video instructions rather than written ones, check out this DIY chicken swing made from a branch. This video will walk you through it step-by-step, so you can make this easy swing in only a few minutes. All you need is a thick branch (one that’s light enough to be swung; otherwise, you’ll end up with just a perch) cut to the size you want and some weatherproof rope. Once you have that, it’s just sanding down rough edges, drilling holes at either end of the branch, and tying it off.

Congrats, you now have a rustic chicken swing for your favorite feathered friends!

3. Chicken Swing by Instructables

DIY Chicken Swings
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials:Wooden branch, 2 bungee cords, chain or rope
Tools:Handsaw, drill, S hooks, 2 lag screws with eyes
Difficulty Level:Easy

Want a chicken swing that’s a bit sturdier? Then this should do the job. Like with the swings before, you’ll need a branch—one that’s between 16–24 inches long and has a diameter of 1–2 inches. Once you have your branch cut to the correct size, trim off any rough bits (you can also shave the bark off if you’d like). Now it’s time to add the hardware (S hooks, lag screws, and bungee cords) to the swing. If you’re wondering why you’re using lag screws and S hooks instead of just tying off the rope, it’s because it makes the swing not only sturdier but also enables it to swing better.

Now you’re ready to pick a spot to hang it and watch your chickens have a blast!

4. Log Swing for Your Chickens by Fresh Eggs Daily

DIY Chicken Swings
Image Credit: Fresh Eggs Daily
Materials:2-foot-long log, clothesline, 2 carabiners
Tools:Saw, drill with large bit
Difficulty Level:Easy

If you’re looking for a large log swing for your chicks, this swing should do the trick. With 2 feet, your chickens should have all the room they need to hang out and swing about! You’ll need to find yourself a 2-foot-long log first. Next, you’ll want to drill holes at either end of the log with the large bit. Then, you only have to thread the clothesline through the holes and tie it off. You can use the carabiners to help clip the swing into place wherever you want it to hang.

Now your swing is ready to provide hours of entertainment!

5. Chicken Playground by Instructables

DIY Chicken Swings
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials:1” x 4” boards, rope
Tools:Miter saw, drill, tape measure, small eye hooks
Difficulty Level:Difficult

Though this plan is for an entire chicken playground, you can make only the swing set part for your chickens (or go ahead and make the whole thing if you’re feeling ambitious!). It’s a bit more complicated than the plans we’ve had on the list thus far, and some handyman skills are definitely required. The first thing you’ll need to do for the swing set is to cut several boards to create the frame. Then, you’ll assemble the frame following the instructions and attach the swings. There are also monkey bars, a ladder, and a grass box you can add on so your chickens can have even more fun.

Whether you do only the swing set or the whole thing, though, your chickens will love it!

6. Inexpensive Swing for Chickens by Attainable Sustainable

DIY Chicken Swings
Image Credit: Attainable Sustainable
Materials:3’ length of board, rope that’s 1/2” diameter
Tools:Saw, drill, drill bit larger than rope, tape measure, scissors
Difficulty Level:Easy

This is another of the simple chicken swing plans you can make that is also incredibly inexpensive. Like others on this list, you’ll be sawing a board into the length needed and getting rid of rough edges and pieces so it’s nice and smooth for your chicks. Then you’ll use your drill bit that’s a smidge larger than the diameter of your ropes to drill holes at either end of the board. Next, decide how long your swing will be and measure the ropes accordingly. Finally, thread your rope, knot it, and hang it up!

This easy swing will go a long way in beating boredom in your chickens!

7. DIY Macrame Chicken Swing by Welcome to Chickenlandia

DIY Chicken Swings
Image Credit: Welcome To Chickenlandia
Materials:400 yards of 6mm cord, 2 metal carabiner clips
Tools:1” diameter square wood dowel, 2 metal O rings, measuring tape, scissors, drill with ¼” bit
Difficulty Level:Moderate

Feeling fancy? Then try out this DIY macrame chicken swing! The dowel will act as the swing’s seat, so you’ll need to drill holes on both ends of it. Then you’ll need to cut four pieces of 100 yards of cord (two on each side of the swing). Hang an O ring up so you can pull two pieces of the cord through—here’s where it gets a bit tricky—and follow the tutorial on how to tie half knot squares. Once you’ve learned that, you can continue to tie to the end of your rope, then repeat with the other side. Finally, attach the swing seat, trim the ends of your rope and hang!

This swing set looks beautiful, so check it out if the rustic log look isn’t for you!

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Tips for Using a Chicken Swing

Now that you’ve made a swing for your chickens, you’ll need to know how to properly set it up and use it so no birds are injured.

chicken swing in a chicken coop
Image Credit: Fraija, Shutterstock

How high should a chicken swing be?

The recommendation is anywhere between 18 and 42 inches off the ground. It might seem like a lot, but this erases the problem of the swing hitting the heads of any chicks on the ground.

Where should a swing be placed?

You can set your chicken swing anywhere, really. However, putting it in a sheltered area means avoiding trouble with strong winds. And wherever it’s placed, you’ll want to ensure there’s nothing that could obstruct its swinging motion.

How do I get my chickens to swing on it?

You’ll want to let them get acquainted with the swing before anything else, so let them investigate and peck around it for a handful of days. Brave chickens might even go ahead and get on it themselves after doing this. But if your chickens aren’t trying it out on their own, you can place a trusting chicken on the seat and give them some treats after they are there. Eventually, your chickens will catch on to the purpose of the swing.

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There’s no need to spend money on an “official” chicken swing when you can make your very own at home! Creating a chicken swing is incredibly simple and typically only involves a log (or piece of wood) and some rope. You can get a little more complicated with it if you want to make a freestanding swing, or you can get decorative and make a swing that’s a bit fancier. And the plans on this list can be tweaked with different materials and decorations, too, so get super creative!

Whatever kind of swing you make, your chickens are sure to love it.

Featured Image Credit: Jenny Hill, Unsplash