When it comes to snakes, “cute” is not a word commonly used to describe them. We are here to change that because there are certainly adorable snakes out there! Some of them make great pets, while others, cute as they may be, are dangerous or difficult to tame and best left in the wild.

Snakes like Ball Pythons and Corn Snakes are commonly kept as pets due to their docile nature and gorgeous appearance. There are adorable snakes that are not kept as pets, though, and these are just as cute as their domestic cousins. Here are 20 cute snakes that you have to see to believe!

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Top 20 Cutest Snakes

1. Albino Corn Snake

Albino corn snake beside a rock
Image Credit: aixklusiv, Pixabay
Scientific name:Pantherophis guttatus
Adult size:3–5 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Albino Corn Snakes lack melanin in their pigmentation. Instead of the traditional black markings of wild corn snakes, they have white, orange, or pale red markings on a light body, but they are not pure white as you’d expect. These snakes are rare and uniquely beautiful.

2. Albino Rosy Boa

Albino rosy boa on the sand
Image Credit: Matt Jeppson, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Lichanura trivirgata
Adult size:2–4 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Rosy Boas make great pets because they are a manageable size, are docile and easy to handle, and are uniquely beautiful. Albino varieties are adorable, with a light tan coloring and pale, rose-colored patterns that form three distinct mottled lines down the length of their bodies.

3. Anerythristic Corn Snake

anery corn snake
Image Credit: PauloPadrao, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Pantherophis guttatus
Adult size:2–6 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Anerythristic Corn Snakes are usually pale grey in color, with darker grey patches of patterning typically outlined with dark black or grey. Some may have a small amount of yellow on their throat and neck when fully mature, with large, dark eyes. With this coloring, these beautiful snakes are often referred to as Black Albinos.

4. Anthill Python

Close up shot of anthill python
Image Credit: reptiles4all, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Antaresia perthensis
Adult size:5 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Also known as the Pygmy Python, Anthill Pythons are one of the smallest members of the Python family and are native to Australia. They get their name from their small size and because they are often found near termite mounds, where there is plenty of food for them. These snakes make great pets because they are small and relatively docile and have beautiful dark brown coloration with small dark spots.

5. Asian Vine Snake

asian vine snake
Image Credit: Pixabay
Scientific name:Ahaetulla nasuta
Adult size:4–6 feet
Suitable as a pet:No

The Asian Vine Snake is mildly venomous, although not dangerous to humans. Like most vipers, they are not suitable as a pet. They are native to Southern Asia and have large eyes that make them look far more friendly than they are! They are typically solid green in color, with hints of black and blue patterning.

6. Axanthic Rosy Boa

Axanthic Rosy Boa on the rocky hill
Image Credit: Rawpixel
Scientific name:Lichanura trivirgata
Adult size:2–4 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Similar in appearance to a standard Rosy Boa but with more blue and grey coloring, Axanthic Rosy Boas are, in a way, the opposite of albinos. Instead of lacking dark colors, they lack only red or yellow or both in their pigmentation. They are difficult to breed, and only a handful have been successfully bred so far.

7. Ball Python

ball python lying on a tree
Image Credit: BikerPhoto, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Python regius
Adult size:2–5 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

It’s easy to see why the Ball Python is one of the most popular pet snakes in the world. They come in a huge variety of beautiful morphs, are generally easy to care for, and have a friendly, docile nature that makes them great for beginners. They have large, dark eyes and a friendly face, making them one of the cutest species around.

8. Bimini Blind Snake

Scientific name:Indotyphlops braminus
Adult size:6-inches
Suitable as a pet:No

You’d be forgiven for mistaking a Bimini Blind Snake for an earthworm, as they are dark brown to red in color and quite small. Their tiny features make them adorable, though! These snakes are somewhat rare and seldom kept as pets because they need specific care and feeding requirements.

9. California Kingsnake

California kingsnake in grass
Image Credit: Piqsels
Scientific name:Lampropeltis getula california
Adult size:3–6 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

With their gorgeous brown and white banding, California Kingsnakes are beautiful reptiles and popular pets due to their docile nature and ease of handling. They breed easily in captivity, resulting in a wide variety of morphs, most of which are incredibly cute!

10. Corn Snake

Tessera Corn Snake on the branch of the tree_Kwiastku_Shutterstock
Image credit: Kwiastku, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Pantherophis guttatus
Adult size:3–5 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Corn Snakes are known for their docile and friendly personalities and are among the snakes most commonly kept as pets ideal for beginners. They are long, slender snakes with an orange-brown base color and large, red blotches outlined in black along the length of their bodies.

11. Diffused Corn Snake

Golddust diffused Corn snake
Image Credit: Scink, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Pantherophis guttatus
Adult size:3–5 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

One of the many Corn Snakes morphs available in the pet trade, the Diffused Corn Snake is a uniquely colored reptile that lacks the classic checkered belly pattern and instead, has a white belly. They have a body with vivid red coloring with slightly noticeable patterning, leading to the common name of “blood red” for the morph.

12. Eyelash Viper

eyelash viper
Image Credit: Pixabay
Scientific name:Bothriechis schlegelii
Adult size:1–2.5 feet
Suitable as a pet:No

Named for the characteristic superciliary scales above their eyes, Eyelash Vipers are native to central and South America. These snakes are not suitable as pets and should only be admired from a distance because their bite is painful and potentially fatal for humans. Their orange-yellow and gold coloring and large eyes make them a beautiful species, though.

13. Garter Snake

Garter Snake
Image Credit: Pixabay
Scientific name:Thamnophis
Adult size:2–4 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

One of the most commonly found snakes throughout the United States, Garter snakes come in various colors and patterns and are frequently kept as pets due to their beautiful appearance. They are generally docile and relatively harmless, do not pose a threat to humans, and are not usually aggressive unless threatened.

14. Hognose

western hognose snake on sand
Image Credit: Amanda Guercio, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Heterodon nasicus
Adult size:1–3 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Named for their short snout and upturned noses, Hognose snakes are one of the cutest species on this list. They are generally fairly small snakes that are docile and rarely aggressive, and they are easy to care for as pets. They are usually green, brown, black, or grey in color, with large rectangular spots down their backs.

15. Jaguar Carpet Python

Scientific name:Morelia spilota
Adult size:5–9 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Carpet Pythons have long been popular pets among snake enthusiasts, and the Jaguar Carpet morph was one of the first genetic mutations among captive species. They have beautiful large eyes and striking yellow or tan bodies with black spots or stripes along their length. These snakes are generally shy and non-venomous, and while they can be feisty at times, they rarely bite.

16. Kenyan Sand Boa

Anery Kenyan Sand Boa
Image Credit: fivespots, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Gongylophis colubrinus
Adult size:1–1.5 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

The Kenyan Sand Boa has a tiny head in comparison to their body, along with a perpetual grin, giving them a unique and cute appearance. They are typically brown or black, with darker patches of patterning running down the length of their bodies, although they can come in various morphs. They are excellent snakes for beginners due to their docile nature and ease of care.

17. Ringneck Snake

Ringneck Snake
Image Credit: jokerbethyname, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Diadophis punctatus
Adult size:5–2 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Named for the ring of color around their neck, the Ringneck Snake is a tiny reptile that is generally shy and docile in temperament. They are harmless to humans because they have a tiny amount of venom, and cannot open their mouths enough to bite a human, making them ideal pets for beginners. They are typically black or slate grey in color with a characteristic yellow ring around their neck and yellow bellies.

18. Rosy Boa

Rosy Boa
Image Credit: gayleenfroese2, Pixabay
Scientific name:Lichanura trivirgata
Adult size:2–4 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

One of just two Boa species found in the United States, a Rosy Boa has a light base color with three dark stripes running down their body, often with random dark spots in between. They are usually docile and easy to care for and are a manageable size. This along with their gorgeous color makes them a popular reptile in the pet trade.

19. Rough Green Snake

Rough Green Snake
Image Credit: Jason Patrick Ross, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Opheodrys aestivus
Adult size:5–2.5 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Also known as Grass Snakes, Rough Green Snakes are light green in color with yellow bellies and relatively small in size. They have a perpetual smile on their face with large eyes, giving them a cute appearance. Overall, they are docile snakes that make great pets, although they do not enjoy too much handling.

20. Smooth Green Snake

Smooth Green Snake
Image Credit: Kristian Bell, Shutterstock
Scientific name:Opheodrys vernalis
Adult size:1–2 feet
Suitable as a pet:Yes

Similar in appearance to the Rough Green snake, Smooth Green snakes have smaller heads relative to their bodies and smaller bodies overall. They are also green with yellow bellies, but they are smoother and lack the raised scales found on the sides of Rough Green snakes. They can be kept as pets, but Rough Green snakes are far more common in stores because Smooth Greens are shy and prefer a quiet environment.


Final Thoughts

While cute is not the word usually used to describe snakes, this list proves that there are cute snakes out there! These are just a few of the cutest that we could find, and we’re sure there are more. Are there any snakes that you feel should have been included in the list? Let us know in the comments!

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