It’s so cool to see young striped damselfish playing hide-and-seek, making a lively aquarium display!

These plucky little fish are constantly on the move. They’re fun to watch as they energize the tank. Darting in and about the decor, they can simply delight everyone!

These fish have some variability in their coloring. Their whitish body is banded on each end in black and can have a rather net-like patterning. Sometimes there are touches of blue too, with tiny blue speckles on the body and maybe a slight shading of blue on the tail. Each specimen is a very interesting “catch” for the hobbyist.

Although the Cloudy Damsel cannot be described as being quite as high in contrast, or as colorful as some of the damselfish, they are every bit as curious and fun to watch. They may be found under names like Striped Damsel, Freckled Damselfish, and Blue Spotted Dascyllus. Or because they originate from the Indian Ocean, they may be found called the Indian Dascyllus.


They get along with each other when young, and a group makes a delightful display.

Like many of the Dascyllus damsels though, they do get more pugnacious as they age and may soon need to be kept singly. But unlike the others, they aren’t quite so cantankerous. In fact they are perhaps the least aggressive of their genus.

Still, they can become aggressive especially in smaller tanks. If the tank is large enough with plenty of hiding places, a pair can do fine, and they can get along with other types of peaceful fish too.

These damselfish are very durable too, so are great for pretty much any saltwater aquarist and setup. They are easy to keep and with a very hearty appetite, they are easy to feed. They can definitely be recommended for a beginning saltwater aquarist who wants a high spirited, energetic pet.

Advanced aquarists and reef keepers will find them a joy as well. They won’t bother any coral or other invertebrates, so are safe for the mini reef. They may even nibble on some of that algae too. As for the tank, they will actually benefit small polyp stony (SPS) corals, providing some nutrition from their waste and help keep the branches free of debris with their constant swimming motion.

Whether your new to the saltwater aquarium world or an old-timer, the Cloudy Damsel may be a perfect choice. With proper tank mates, plenty of good nutritious foods, and lots of places to explore in the tank, this guy can bring you years of fast action and intrigue!

Learn more about these energetic Damselfish! See pictures and learn more about the Cloudy Damsel Dascyllus carneus along with their aquarium care, behaviors and breeding!

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Clarice Brough is a team member at Animal-World and has contributed many articles and write-ups.